York Quilt Show


The local quilt show season has begun.  Friday and Saturday the York Quilters Guild held their quilt show.  Because Friday was to be the nicer of the two days weather wise Kathy and decided that was the day we would head down to the show.

Although I enjoy going to the national shows, there is something to be said for the locals.  These shows highlight quilts made by women who lust enjoy making beautiful quilts.  They are not nationally know quilters who have published books and designed fabric lines.  Although there are some artsy quits, most are the traditional.  So. I thought I would share some of what we saw.

As soon as we entered, this is the quilt that met our eyes.

York Quilr Show 6

We then decided to go to the one end of the room and methodically work our way through all of the quilts making sure we did not miss any.

I like the colorful zebra.  I wonder if we will see any like this when we go to Africa.

York Quilt Show 3 There is usually one portrait quilt at most shows.These always fascinate me.

York Quiolt Show 2 Any quilt made with many small pieces catches my eye. Personally I think someone is a glutton for punishment to cut and resew so many small pieces.

Yorki Quilt Show 4  Kathy enjoys Hawaiian applique.  She has several books on it and has made some blocks using this technique.

IMG_1508 Another thing Kathy likes is pansies.  To me, this is such a clean and crisp looking quilt.

IMG_1510 I like colorful quilts so I took this picture just because.

There was a display of quilts based on children’s books.

These are only a few of the quilts we saw.  Next week I will share more.


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18 responses to “York Quilt Show

  1. I do love when you go and then share with us. These are favorites of mine too, the quilts made locally. I love the colorful one you chose ‘just because’, but that small portrait must be someone dear, is wonderful. Glad you got to go!

    • Since I missed the one in March due to health reasons I am glad I got the chance to go to this one. Looking forward to more shows over the summer.

  2. To see the work of someone passionate about their craft is always a pleasure.

  3. Amy

    Wow! Not only are the quilts phenomenal but this show was in my home town! I love the mix of traditional quilts and “picture” quilts. I am in awe when I see such intricate work. I have to admit, my favorites are the Eric Carl quilts. What a precious treasure! Thanks for sharing, Bob!

  4. It so appreciate the talent of these quilters! Especially since I have no talent with a needle and thread. Love the zebra one, I hope you get to see the black and white version on your trip.

  5. Judy C.

    Amazing. I’ve done some quilting, but mine is simple. I agree, those who cut scraps into little pieces and then resew them are crazy! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you for sharing the quilt show. I’ve always admired quilts and the women who make them. Why is it always women who make them? What an amazing variety which is one of the things I love about quilting…it’s so idiosyncratic. These women are so talented!

    • I guess sewing was always considered a woman’f thing. However, there are more men getting into it. In fact, a few men had quilts on display at the show.

  7. Your quilt pictures always blow me away…such detailed and complex work! The zebra is my personal favorite.

  8. What talent and patience these quilters have. I would never have thought there was such a thing as a portrait quilt. That must make a treasured family heirloom.

  9. Love the quilts based on children’s books and the colorful quilt you posted just before those. Thanks so much for sharing! Quilting skipped two generations, but my daughter is the new quilter in our family. My grandmother would be proud.

  10. What a great work-thru. The power of the image rules!!!

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