As One Season Ends We Get Ready For a New One


On Saturday Kathy and I went to see Ragtime at the Hershey Theatre.  It was the final show of their 2015-2016 season.  We really enjoyed the show.  It has been several years since we last saw it.  We have been getting season tickets for over 20 years now.

It is always sad when the season ends.  We have become friendly with the people who sit behind us as well as beside us since they have had their same seats for several years as well.  We won’t see them again until the new season begins.

A few weeks ago the theatre held  a kick-off event for the new season.  Of course we went because I am always anxious to see what the new season will bring.  The 2016-2017 season looks to be quite interesting.

It kicks off with A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder which runs November 1 – 6.

A Gentleman's Guide to Love and MurderThis is not one show that we have seen in New York so I am looking forward to it.  It was the 2014 Tone winner for Best Musical.  Should be fun.

That will be shortly followed by Book of Mormon which runs November 22 – 27.

The Book of Mormon poster.jpgFrom what I hear this is extremely funny although the language is rather “salty”.  Because of this Hershey is offering a package where patrons don’t have to get this as part of the subscription package.  We’re getting it.

There is a long break between this and the next show which runs March 21-26, 2017.  That show is The Sound of Music.  

SheetmusicFor as long as this show has been around, other than the TV production, I have never seen it performed live.  I have seen the movie countless times.  I know the stage production is a bit different so I am looking forward to seeing this.

The lase show of the season, July 19-23, 2017, is one that I am excited about because Kathy and I saw it not too long ago on Broadway.  It is Mowtown, the Musical.

Motown: The MusicalSince I grew up with the music of Mowtown I really enjoyed this show and am looking forward to seeing it again.

So, even though the present season of shows is over the new season promises to be fun and exciting.  Bring on the shows!


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32 responses to “As One Season Ends We Get Ready For a New One

  1. What a rich and varied show line up! I look forward to your reactions to each. The Book of Mormon is on our wish list to see.

  2. This just sounds so fun to me! I would love to see Book of Mormon or Sound of Music – you’ll have to let us know how they are!

  3. Erika Haak

    We saw The Book of Mormon in NY for our anniversary. It is hilarious and I laughed so hard I cried numerous times. But, it is absolutely vulgar, using the worst of worst swear words more times than you can count, even in titles of songs. We are also Christians and it has many parts that are disrespectful for God, but you have to believe God has a sense of humor, even about Himself. I am so excited to see what you think of it!

  4. I am an off-Broadway person; don’t really care for musicals. But I do regret not having gotten tickets for The Book of Mormon when it first came out! Now they’re unaffordable and unattainable. Have a great theater year!

  5. It looks as though you have a fun theater season to look forward to. A friend and I have season’s tickets to a local vocal group. We have also become friends with the people who sit behind us, just as you have. It’s fun to get to know people in this one very small context.

  6. You will LOVE the Book of Mormon! Salty, yes, but hilarious…you will leave the theater smiling, and smile for days.

  7. I agree with all of the comments about Book of Mormon. It was well worth seeing. I have not seen Motown but would love to as I, too, grew up during that time and I loved Motown music. Looks like you have a good line up for the next season.

  8. So wonderful Bob, that you support and enjoy local theater. There’s nothing else like it. As much as I love movies, theater is LIVE!!!! I’m off to see a read thru Thursday, directed by my good friend. Can’t wait for our post production conversation. 🙂

  9. My sister and I are going to a local theater this weekend to see Dixie Swim Club. Will let you know how it is…

  10. It’s a wonderful tradition that you have to go, and what I hear from this post is how much you enjoy the anticipation of it too, seeing those “seat” friends & shows new or familiar. I hope you’ll share what you think each time.

  11. Except for ‘Sound of Music” I have seen of the above and you will enjoy them all. Yes, Mormon is “salty” but you WILL love it. Man, I am almost envious thinking of the fun you’re going to have!

  12. Haven’t seen the Gentlemen’s Guide or the Book of Mormon. Can’t wait to hear your take on them.

  13. There is something so magical about live performances that TV somehow can’t capture…You remind me how important it is to take advantage of local theater and the arts… Good for you for being such a longtime patron!

  14. rosecappelli

    Sounds like a great lineup! I love live theater – should go more often.

  15. Amy

    How exciting! It’s awesome that you have season tickets. The Hershey Theater is in my backyard too and it is a special treat to see a show there and enjoy dinner at the Devon Seafood Grill. We saw Jersey Boys there last year and absolutely LOVED it!

    • We also saw Jersey Boys last year. We like eating at Applebee’s. Like their 2 for $20.00 menu items. On special occasions it is Fenicci’s.

  16. It’s wonderful that you have a thriving theatre in your area! I love to see shows; but it has been too long since I have seen one. This summer, I am going to make it a priority. The Sound of Music is one of my all-time favorites!

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