On Friday, after my cardiac therapy, Kathy and I decided to go to our local Weis Markets because they were having a produce sale.  We looked around and bought things that were on sale and looked good to us.

veggies 1

We also got some mushrooms which I forgot to get out of the refrigerator for the picture.  Anyway, we now had all of these veggies but what to do with them.  I knew we had a hectic week coming up with me therapy and meetings.  I also know that we wouldn’t get a chance to plan meals around each vegetable so what to do.

Well, I started by cleaning and cutting each one into bite sized pieces.veggies 2

From there I put them in a bid bowl and mixed them together.  (Forgot to take this picture.)

Then it was time to get some spices and liquids.

veggies 4

After pouring the mixture over the veggies and mixing to coat everything, I placet them onto two foil lined pans.

veggies 3

After 40 minutes in the oven I had two pans of roasted vegetables.



Now I have some roasted vegetables to last the week.  All I need is to come up with some go-withs for them.


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34 responses to “Veggies

  1. dianeandlynne

    Yum! Broiled fish? Chicken? Pasta? Or just all by themselves. Can I be your best friend?

  2. Rose Cappelli

    These look delicious! I like the idea that you cut them up and did something with them right away! When I have a lot of vegetables around they usually go bad before I can eat them, so I will take this tip from you. What time is dinner?

  3. Yum, wish I had that for today’s lunch!

  4. What a great way to get your veggies! You got me thinking of my dad, who always loved chopping the vegetables.

  5. Judy C.

    Wanna come and prep in our kitchen? They look delicious. I’ll have to tell hubby that’s what he can do with all those veggies that keep calling our name.

  6. I love vegetables, and these look great, will take your advice and do this. It’s only me, and I can only eat so much. Perhaps I would take one pan and make a big pot of soup and freeze some? Enjoy them whatever is on the plate!

    • These are also great to take to a covered dish. they stay warm in a crock pot. Another nice thing is that you only need to make as many as your want.

  7. Terje

    This slice really sounded as an invitation to a vegetable party. Your pics and words look and sound yummy.

  8. Great idea to plan ahead!!

  9. Bob, who on earth did you and Kathy think you were feeding this week? It looks like enough vegetables to keep the Flyers going.

  10. My first thought when you asked what to do with all those vegetables was…make ratatouille! It happens to be a personal favorite of mine and goes with a lot of main courses. At other times I usually make soup…but that’s usually when I have leftovers and some odds and ends of veggies to use up. Thanks for reminding me that sometimes simple is best…and healthy, too! Good going, sous chef!

  11. Roasted veggies are a winner! You are too clever to think ahead. I’m so looking forward to garden grown vegetables from the farmer’s market.

  12. There you go – a delicious meal to mix and match in countless ways all week. Elsie is right – you are clever!

  13. Amy

    Brilliant idea, Bob! I’m glad you didn’t let all those fresh veggies go to waste! Stir fry is another good way to devour those healthy bites too! Enjoy!

  14. Leigh Anne Eck


  15. That looks delicious. I wish I had some veggies; but I haven’t been to the grocery this week and will have to settle for a triple chocolate chip cookie from Arby’s. I am ashamed of myself!

  16. What a great idea. Great planning. Those vegetables look so delicious – both fresh and roasted!

  17. Yummy! Making veggies easy by planning ahead! Love this! What a great start to spring vegetable shopping!

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