If You Can’t Do It Yourself…


One of the things I like about spring and summer is going out to cut the grass.  I find it peaceful and calming.  I don’t take my cell phone out with me so the only sound I hear are those that occur naturally in the neighborhood.  Cars traveling the road in front of the house.  The neighbor’s dog barking.  An angry robin chirping because I am too close to her nest.

Walking the grid, as I like to call my method of cutting the grass is mindless work.  Sometimes my mind wanders as I walk back and forth and sometimes my mind is totally blank.  Yes, I can do this.

This year, however, I can not do this simple chore.  Doctor’s orders.  I cannot push, pull, or life anything five pounds or heaver.  My mower weighs more than five pounds.  Kathy also has some health problems so she can’t really cut the grass either.  What to do?

There are no neighborhood kids looking to make some money over the summer so that is not an option.  My neighbors cringe when they look at my lawn which has not been cut yet and then look at theirs which have had several trimmings.

As luck would have it, at the store the other day I happened to glance at the community bulletin board.  There was as ad from a college student looking for outside word for the summer.  This included cutting grass.  I took his information and contacted him.

Yesterday he came and cut our grass.  Because of the height, it took 2 1/2 hours, but now the neighbors should be happy.  I have made arrangements with the young man to come on a weekly basis.  It won’t take nearly as loon next time.

Sometimes you can find more than groceries at the store.


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33 responses to “If You Can’t Do It Yourself…

  1. Rats, not the “independent” solution you would prefer, but a solution. I’m amazed. I wouldn’t have thought of checking signs at the grocery store. Hmmm… wonder what else I am missing there!

    It’s still “recovery time” so enjoy the walks and the “non-lifting” while you can!

  2. I’m glad to hear that you found some help! Best wishes for a full recovery that has you back to mowing your lawn soon!

  3. Where have all the young people gone? I remember my brothers traveling up and down the street asking for yard jobs. I’m glad you found someone who can do this task for you. Craig’s List is also a place to check, just in case this fellow doesn’t work out.

  4. My future son-in-law is doing the mowing for me this summer! I am not that big a fan of yard work, although I love a beautiful yard.

  5. I’m so glad you found help. It’s good for you, good for the grass, and good for the young man! Win, win, win.

    Love your ending – it’s perfect!

  6. Yea for finding someone who can help you out right now, Bob! Perhaps you’ll be strong enough to do it next summer.

    A long time ago, I posted a tutoring flier at Whole Foods. One person called me, but it was a job that lasted for nearly the entire school year. 🙂

  7. Wow, saved just in time! Now you have new support just as we move into the season of cut grass. Hurray!!!

  8. I know you must be frustrated not being able to do your own lawn. Dom has fired more lawn services than I have fingers and toes. He also likes the walking meditation of cutting the grass. I’m glad you found someone to do the work and I hope next season you can resume your meditation.

  9. I’m with Elsie – where have all the young people gone? My son had a great landscaping business going in middle and high school – but, I’m glad that you were able to get someone to help you. Hope you are feeling better, too.

  10. You sound like my mother…she loved mowing the lawn. As for me, I don’t like it. I am allergic to grass that has just been cut and so I try to stay inside when Ray mows ours. I hope that you will continue to heal so that next year you might be able to ‘enjoy’ mowing the yard. As for now, I am glad you found a solution.

  11. If only we lived in the same neighborhood – I have two teenaged sons who are excellent mowers! I’m sure the young man you hired will appreciate the work and also the chance to get to know you and Kathy.

    • I will say he worked really hard yesterday with the first cutting. He even wants to come back on a weekly basis. Wow. Can’t ask for more than that.

  12. Amy

    It’s difficult to find good help. Who knew…the grocery store of all places! He’s a resourceful young man. I thought you were going to say you bought a riding mower!

    • Don’t know what made me look at the board in the store, but I am glad that I did. Had a riding mower years ago but our yard is not the best set up for one.

  13. The spaces outside my small fenced in area are cut by the HOA & I have a teeny space that I cut with a push mower. I know what you mean, though. My daughter and son-in-law cannot find anyone to help while they’re on vacation . Now, they trade chores with neighbors. I’m so glad you found someone.

  14. I think I am echoing the question others, wondering where all the jr. entrepreneurs have gone. Thank goodness you found someone. it sounds like a win-win.

  15. It isn’t easy not being able to do what we are used to doing and enjoy. I hope your solution will work out for all of you, including that young man who needs to earn money for college.

  16. We’ve had to have my husband’s kids help us – as he is still recovering. It is not what he wants but it is what he needs. The work gets done, if not to his standard at least okay. Glad to hear you are following orders and getting better!

  17. Sometimes what we want takes a back seat to what we need.

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