Summer Plans


I know that it is a Zany idea, but I still said “yes” to the invitation. Most people know that I am not a big fan of Air travel, but here I am committing to a 16 hour flight.  I Must be out of my mind!

Now comes the task of getting ready for the trip.  First and foremost was applying for passports.  On Thursday they cane so that is one thing to check off of our list.  We have an appointment in about two weeks to talk to someone aBout  Immunizations.

Never having traveled outside of the country I don’t know what I need or where to get them.  Hopefully all questions will be Answered then.

I admit that I am a bit nervous about this trip, but I am excited as well.  Traveling with someone who knows the country and can give us an insiders knowledge of places to go and things to see will make for an unforgettable trip.

Hope you were able to follow the clues to find out where we are going.




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27 responses to “Summer Plans

  1. Wow this will be a big trip – are you going to tell us how you got involved in this one. It will be a great experience and I love how you shared where you were going.

  2. WOW!!!!! That will be exciting. I can hardly wait to read your posts.

  3. Oh, wow, “there”, and yes, you will need immunizations. I took my students to Costa Rica & we had a special “shot day” at a health/immunization clinic. The kids loved seeing me get the shots, too! What a marvelous time you will have. Since it’s a first trip “out” I hope you aren’t too worried. A long plane ride is actually fun. You can walk around, etc. Can’t wait to see all you write, & the pictures.

  4. My goodness – what a great adventure you will be going on! I can’t wait to read all about it, Bob. So exciting!

  5. You are one “wild and crazy” fellow! This sound a like an adventure of a lifetime. Can’t wait to read all about it!

  6. SO fun how you shared your trip destination. I’ve never been there, but love to travel. Enjoy every moment!

  7. A very clever way to share the good news! I love visiting places that are really foreign to me. Too much of the world has become the same. I can’t wait to read your stories and see your photos. What a fabulous opportunity for you both.

  8. Ohmygosh! This will be phenomenal. I am not a fan of flying; so that usually keeps me stateside; but a trip like this with guides who can give you the inside scoop sounds like the chance of a lifetime.

  9. Amy

    Such a fun post! I picked up on the clues at the letter “B”. I’m glad you said yes and decide dto take up this opportunity. Who knows, maybe you’ll turn into a world traveler.

  10. Judy C.

    It will be a fantastic trip, even if it is a long flight. You & Kathy will enjoy every minute. Can’t wait to hear of your travels. This could be the first of many adventures.

  11. rosecappelli

    I am so impressed, Bob! For your first travel experience out of the country you pick Africa? How wonderful! Love how you let us in on the destination. I’m sure it will be fabulous!

  12. What a cool puzzle to figure out! Very fun. So… Wildlife refuge?

  13. I, too, loved how you revealed your destination. I was shocked. I would’ve never guessed Africa. What a trip it will be! I hope to hear about it.

  14. Wow! That will be quite an adventure! Like others….it will really be fun to hear about your travels. I have never been to Africa, but think it would really be exciting. Lucky that you will have someone who knows the area to show you around. And yes, you will need shots of some kind.

  15. I’ve been wondering where you would be going when you said a destination on my wish list was a place you are going this summer! So exciting! You will have lots of slices to share. Looking forward to a virtual trip!

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