A Bit Different This Year


I have always enjoyed Easter…the cooking…the getting together with family and friends.

This year, although some things remain the same, things will be a bit different especially in the cooking department.

As a kid and even as an adult, Holy Saturday was a day of cooking.  The house always smelled of ham roasting in the oven, smoked kielbasa boiling away on the stove top, and some kind of cake being baked before the day was over.

Of course none of this food could be eaten or sampled because Holy Saturday is a no meat day in our house.  Come Sunday after church all the goodies would be brought out and we would feast all day.

This year, however, the cooking and baking did not happen.   There was no kielbasa cooking away.  It is not the healthiest of foods although it is quite delicious.  There was no ham in the oven.  At this point we don’t need that much even if we froze most of it.

And worst of all, at least for me, no cake.  Since I am still limited in what I can and can’t do a cake was put on hold for this year.

I didn’t tell my brother this because we usually go to visit him in the afternoon and take something with us as a snack to feed the family and friends that gather in his apartment for the afternoon.

Oh well, hopefully next year things will be back to normal.

Happy Easter to all!


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19 responses to “A Bit Different This Year

  1. Once in a while, taking a necessary break is ok. You’ll appreciate it all the more next year.

  2. Lynn

    Holidays do take a change as time passes if it’s not one thing it’s another. Glad you will still be with family! Happy Easter.

  3. It will all be appreciated even more next year. Have a Happy Easter!

  4. Perhaps a new tradition should be developed. Enjoy your day and the return of meat (although not kielbasa). Happy Easter!

  5. Even without the food I hope you have a good holiday! You might appreciate the traditions even more next year or you may found you’ve made new ones!

  6. I understand that missing of tradition. We are now a little meat and no carbs household so our holidays food look very different. It takes awhile but fun to find new food and ideas to share. Have a happy Easter with a new tradition.

  7. Judy c.

    Think of all the other possibilities. A new healthy eating style. Although we’ve found since the years have passed since Hubby’s heart attack we’ve fallen back on some of the old standbys. Have a blessed Easter.

  8. Terje

    I can feel the bit of sadness in letting go of the food traditions but you clearly know why the pause is necessary. I hope that you enjoy the Easter nevertheless.

  9. Yes-next year, cake for Easter dessert! I’m sorry things were not the same this year; but I hope your Easter is still fun and memorable!

  10. The most important difference is that you are alive and well…well, almost! And that makes this Easter special. Next year you will be back to some of your old habits with some new ones I predict! Happy Easter.

  11. rosecappelli

    Those wonderful traditions are still alive in your memories! Being with friends and family is what is most important. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  12. It’s important to reflect on which of our holiday meal traditions might not be helpful to another. For instance, we have a family member who it’s just not ok to have alcohol around. We choose her over the drinks. You chose family over the food. Glad you had a great Easter!

  13. Amy

    You shared wonderful memories. Some of which are quite like the traditions we have at our house. Here’s to hoping for that slice of cake next year.

  14. It’s always a little challenging when traditions change. This year was different for us because our two daughters could join the family for the holiday. One lives too far away and the other had to work on her campus. Here’s hoping the day turned out okay despite the changes for you.


  15. Happy Easter! Things may change, but Easter still is happy. God is with us and for us.

  16. Happy Easter! I loved reading about your family traditions. You might be taking a break, but this memory is palpable.

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