Making a Statement


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

When it comes to mowing the lawn, I must say that I am not a slave to my mower.  It is not that I don’t enjoy cutting the grass.  I do.  I cut it once a week.  I know that some people like to cut theirs tow or more times a week.  I am not one of them.  There are too many other things to do that once is all the time I am willing to devote to this task.

I usually like to cut the grass on a Monday so that the front yard looks good for the week.  Some would rather do it on Friday so it looks good for the weekend.  Fine.  It usually takes me around an hour and a half to to the front and back.  Because of the way out property is set up I use a push mower rather than a riding mower.

I do enjoy my time outside.  I get lost in my own little world.  I never know who or what I will see when I am cutting the grass.  Yesterday someone honked their horn at me as I was walking back and forth.  Since I was facing away from the car I just waved.  I have no idea who I waved at or even if that honk was for me.  Oh well.

Sometimes I will see squirrels or baby bunnies out back while I am cutting the grass.  They always scamper away for safe keeping when they hear me coming.

I can’t say that I always cut the grass the same way.  Out front we our yard banks down to the street.  This part I always do first because it is the most taxing easing the mower over the bank and then pulling it back up.  I like to do this before I get too tired.

When the bank is done I work on the rest of the front.  Sometimes I start at the street end and work toward the house.  Other times I start at the house and work toward the street.  Sometimes I get all crazy and go along the street side, up our neighbor’s side, across the front of the house, and down the driveway side creating a rectangle of grass that gets smaller with each rotation I make.  This is the pattern I used yesterday.

There were storms predicted for the afternoon so I thought I would get the grass cut before they started.  I was doing my rotations and was almost done when I looked up and saw Kathy standing of the porch and frantically waving her arms.  Of course I stopped mowing to see what was wrong.

“Stop mowing and get in the house immediately,”  she shouted.

Of course my intelligent reply was, “Huh?”

“The news is on and there are tornado warnings for the area, ” she said.  “They are telling everyone to get in and get to a safe place immediately.”

“But I only have two more swipes to finish.”

“It will keep.”

So, my dilemma, do I go in or finish?  This picture shows my decision.

Lawn 001

My front yard is now sporting a mohawk.  I don’t know.  I think it makes a statement although I would rather not know what some people might think that statement is.


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6 responses to “Making a Statement

  1. Severe weather is always frightening. Glad you abandoned the task for your safety. Perhaps you will start a trend with the mohawk. 🙂 My husband informed me that it is good to change the direction of mowing each time. I don’t know why, but he researches everything, so if he says it, it must be true.

  2. We recently moved to a Cul-de-Sac with higher expectations surrounding lawn maintenance. We have worked hard to keep up with these expectations, but our neighbors have decided not to. While others’ grass is manicured and lush, our neighbors’ lawn sprouts feet in the air before it is cut, and when they do venture out, they only mow a strip in front, leaving feet of seeded grass and weeds between our house and theirs. Each week, my husband passes another swipe closer and closer to their house. It seems worth the effort to maintain their lawn, too instead of glaring at it day after day… these are big decisions!

  3. Got a chuckle from the mohawk. Better to be safe than sorry for sure. I did out lawn on Saturday as it was too hot the days before. With my husband on the mend I got to mow – not a favourite thing to do. But it sure made a difference when it was done.

  4. Your lawn is nice & green for sure, & I too love that mohawk look. I wonder what people do think. And I love that you entertained us today with a piece about mowing. I have a push mower too, & my lawn is much smaller, but I always think of Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine when I mow, that sound is the summer sound to love. I’m glad you, your lawn & your house are safe, BTW!

  5. rosecappelli

    Love the picture! My husband also changes the way he cuts the grass. Sometimes it’s on an angle, sometimes straight. So, do you think you will leave the Mohawk for the week?

  6. I used to mow our grass with a push mower. And I had that same methodical approach to the patterns I choose. Having a nicely groomed lawn was important fo me too. I believe I was a weekend mower. Now with a drought and no little kids who need grass, we are letting our grass go and plan to landscape sans grass. Interesting the things our gardens and grass say about us!

    Glad you’re safe.

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