The Beast


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It lives

Hidden where no one sees it

I can hear it

Sucking in clean fresh air

Exhaling contaminated waste.

When I do catch a glimpse of it

Its one red eye

Tells me it is awake.

Shut behind a basement closet door

No one visiting knows of its existence

Unless Kathy or I tell them.

It asks nothing to eat

It wants nothing to drink

It never sleeps

It just is

All it needs is a yearly cleaning.

Today was that day

Screens and filters washed

And put back into place

The beast continues its job

Keeping our house radon free

radon 002


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8 responses to “The Beast

  1. I love this slice—such scary things can lurk behind the walls of our home, keeping us safe but also ready to explode (or suddenly cost us money!).

  2. Love it! I was thinking mechanical: furnace, ac, de-humidifier . . . In my “berm” home, I do not have anything that keeps me radon – free!

  3. The beast lives to serve you! I wish all beasts were this altruistic!

  4. rosecappelli

    Very clever. You had me wondering.

  5. Terje

    I kept guessing. Clever piece.

  6. Hm-m, I thought it was the AC. No radon here according to the inspection, but glad we have it when needed. Fun to keep us guessing!

  7. My heart was kind of thumping…basements can be scary places! Glad your chore is done!

  8. Judy C.

    It’s amazing to find the things that lurk in our basements. You had me truly wondering what I’ve missed in my basement.

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