Quilt Show Part 4


SOL March Challenge 2015.  Day 19

It’s about time to bring this quilt show segment to an end.  To finish, I would like to mention one thing that is a part of many shows.  There is usually a section set aside for challenge quilts.  These challenges can take different forms.  In some cases all of the quilts must be miniatures.  In others a specific material must be used in each quilt.  And still others require all entries to be on a specific theme.

It is safe to say that the challenge at this show was extremely Wicked.

AQS 2015 - Lancaster 030

All of the quilts contained the green and black popular in the Broadway show.

AQS 2015 - Lancaster 028

All quilts were approximately the same size, although I did not check to see what that size was.

AQS 2015 - Lancaster 029

Since I am a fan of the show, having seen it 3 times, I really enjoyed this exhibit.

AQS 2015 - Lancaster 031

Kathy and I both liked this one.  The swirling tornado fascinated us.

AQS 2015 - Lancaster 032

I am not sure if I was allowed to take pictures of this exhibit or not.  Kathy found out at her guild meeting that pictures were not allowed.  I missed that sign or conveniently did not see it.  However,  Many people were taking pictures and none of the quilt show people stopped us,

On a final note, I can honestly say that part of this year’s show really rent to the dogs.

AQS 2015 - Lancaster 017

And the cats.

AQS 2015 - Lancaster 018

And the birds.

AQS 2015 - Lancaster 021

And the roosters.

AQS 2015 - Lancaster 020

As well as other assorted animals.

AQS 2015 - Lancaster 012

Hope you enjoyed this trip through the 2015 AQS National Quilt Show.


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11 responses to “Quilt Show Part 4

  1. Isn’t it amazing how many little worlds and subcultures there are that we might never know about it if we’re not a part of them? What a group of talented and creative people Kathy is a part of!

  2. Well, I sure enjoyed it! Just amazing.

    BTW, I’m sure glad you didn’t see that sign.

  3. The quilts were amazing!! What a wonderful hobby. Loved the photos, so glad you didn’t see the sign.

  4. Not a fan of Wizard of Oz or Wicked but those quilts are amazing! Love the colors. I took a picture at a quilt show in Knoxville. A lady said pictures weren’t allowed. After I apologized, she said, “Maybe you should give me something out of your purse in exchange.” I thought that was a strange response.

  5. Judy C.

    Once again, these are totally amazing. Some many crafty people out there – one out does the next. Just wondering, did they not have any food this year?

  6. I think I like the rooster best. Do you think the blue ribbon influenced me?

  7. Sorry to see the quilting portion of this month come to an end, but you did get quite a few days out of this trip. Felt like I was at the show.It was nice to view the quilts and not have annoying people step in front of me. Plus it was much cheaper (for me) this way. Love the Wicked quilts! My favorite color, green.

  8. I so enjoyed reading about the quilts and seeing the pictures. The Wicked ones were cool. We like that show too. As for the animals…the one with the assorted animals was really nice. Thanks for sharing all of the pictures and types of quilts with us.

  9. Jaana

    So glad that sign did cross your path! I feel that I’ve been part of something through your photos!

  10. Wow…such stunning work, and it’s hard to believe that all this is done stitch by stich. Loved the Wicked quilts.

  11. The animal quilts wooed me! thank you for taking me along, even if it wasn’t allowed! 🙂

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