Quilt Show Part 3


SOL March Challenge Day 18

Today I thought we would take a look at some quilts that are based on more traditional designs although the quilts themselves are in no way traditional.  One common design is that of the Flying Geese.  This block is usually made with a colored triangle in the center flanked by a solid background piece on either side.Here is what one quilter decided to do with the pattern.

AQS 2015 - Lancaster 023

 Stars are popular quilt patterns so here is a star.

AQS 2015 - Lancaster 014

Another popular pattern is a sampler where each block is different.

AQS 2015 - Lancaster 015

Of course, there have to be some modernistic looking quilts.

AQS 2015 - Lancaster 019


AQS 2015 - Lancaster 022

Many quilters like to do pictorial quilts.

AQS 2015 - Lancaster 016

Leaves also make it into quilt shows.

AQS 2015 - Lancaster 026

And one last picture for today.

AQS 2015 - Lancaster 035

Tomorrow I will end the tour of the AQS 2015 National Quilt Show,


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13 responses to “Quilt Show Part 3

  1. Again, I am amazed. I can’t believe these are quilts. Some of them look like paintings! Thanks for your descriptions, too. It all sounds like a foreign language to me, so your words helped me understand the patterns.

  2. Your pictures make my fingers ache to quilt again. My favorite this time is the star quilt because it is much more traditional. I will be disappointed when your gallery ends! I might have to go find some pictures of the quilts I have made and use them for a slice. They are no comparison to this excellent craftsmanship, but it would be fun to look at them again.

  3. These are so beautiful. I grew up in Mennonite country and every year there was a quilt auction at the Mennonite Relief Sale. As a kid, we sort of played in the quilts, dodging around them hanging in the arena. As an adult, I can really appreciate the skill of the creator and the beauty of the object.

  4. I like the Flying Geese….it seems to swirl with energy and the colors are exciting. I like the sampler…each time I look at it I see something new. I like the pictorial…it looks like a painting. I like….. hmmmm…I like them all. I think I would be overwhelmed at this quilt show with so many varieties and so much talent.

  5. That pictorial quilt is beautiful! I don’t quilt at all, but I sure to admire people who do! What an art.

  6. rosecappelli

    I am enjoying these posts. The quilts are amazing and I am so glad you took lots of pictures and are explaining each one.

  7. Judy C.

    Once again, your pictures and description leaves me drooling. They are beautiful. You need to share some of Kathy’s quilts.

  8. Not having one bit of talent in the needle and thread world, I am in awe of the work by the quilters. I love the Flying Geese one. Although the quilter had to go a bit mad by the end of piecing it together.

  9. I assume you quilt. It is so nice for you to attend such events and admire the talent of other quilters as well. Do they name them, like art? I find myself wanting to name them….like the first picture, my favorite, the color wheel or kaleidoscope.

  10. Just what I need as the day winds down. Lovely quilts to delight! The pictorial quilt is amazing. All the design and details in all of these are quite something to behold! Could you pick a favorite?

  11. Jaana

    How did this week go so fast that I have missed parts one and two? I have to go back as I LOVE your posts about quilts! These are some amazing works of art. Perhaps there is a trip to the Amish country in my future to see some more quilts!

  12. I love the sampler one-almost always choose something with bright colors. What a variety and how beautiful these are.

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