Spring is Finally Here!


SOL March Challenge 2015 Day 20

After all of this waiting Spring has arrived.  Loke many people, I am so tired of the cold and snow we have had this winter.  Let’s heat it for Spring.

The daffodils’ heads

poke up through the ground.

And it’s snowing.

In the circle out front

green shoots abound.

But it’s snowing.

Robins are back

from their winter retreat.

And it’s snowing.

Searching the ground

for morsels to eat.

But it’s snowing.

Heavy clothes and coats

put away for the year.

And it’s snowing.

Lighter weight jackets

are what I will wear.

But it’s snowing.

Snow shovels are stored away,

it is time.

And it’s snowing.

The mower is set

cleaned, ready , and primed.

But it’s snowing.

Bring out the tees and the shorts

cuz it’s time.

And it’s snowing.

Car needs to be washed

of salt, dirt, and grime.

But it’s snowing.

Well, in three months’ time

the warmth will be flowing.

Then we can say

hopefully, “It’s no longer snowing!”


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8 responses to “Spring is Finally Here!

  1. Oh yes! All of the signs of spring…and yet, it is snowing. Spring may be here, but winter is not passing the baton gracefully. I loved the flow and rhythm of your words. You have a gift with words…I know, I have said that before. So, here’s to storing the show shovel and heavy coats away for many months to come…and enjoying the warmth of spring.

  2. Ha ha! Today is the first day of Spring, and damn it, I’m wearing my Spring coat.

  3. mrssurridge

    I enjoyed the cadence of your poem. It hardly seems fair that snow is stealing the stage when it is clearly spring’s turn.

  4. Terje

    The snow will stop eventually. Hopefully soon. We don’t have snow but it is still cold. I am ready for spring.

  5. There are actually brown spots on the driveway…dare I think Spring? Any minute I could be singing your song…”and it’s snowing”!

  6. Winter’s wiggling its fingers as it heads out the door and leaving that powder behind. Thankfully it’s not snowing here! As I read it there is emphasis on the line “But it’s snowing.” There is disbelief in my voice. Hope it melts soon.

  7. Judy C.

    Sorry to hear that It’s still snowing. But according to the calendar, Spring is here! Soon the snow will be gone and we will all be complaining that it’s too hot! Love the poem.

  8. But it’s snowing..love how that phrase keeps unexpectedly showing up in your poem just like the snow. The first and last line remained in my mind….”daffodils heads poking through the ground” and “Hopefully, its no longer snowing” great wording

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