Test Day


Today was the day –  stress test day.  I received a call from the doctor’s office yesterday morning telling me what time I had to be there – 9:00.  This was much better than the 7:30 time that was listed on the letter I received last week.  Last night, though, we had about 3 inches of snow.  Kathy wouldn’t let me go out and shovel or clean off the cars this morning.
She did it.

We left the house at 8:00 just in case there were some problems on the roads.  Thankfully there weren’t any.  Got to the office, checked in, and sat down to wait.

About 10 after 9 I was taken back to the room to get ready.  However, there was someone else ahead of me so I had to wait about 15 minutes.  Finally I was taken to another room so a IV could be started and I could be given my first shot of glow-in-the-dark isotope.  Then more waiting.  I had to wait about an hour for the shot to work through my system so they cold take the first set of pictures.

Finally it was picture time.  I forgot to ask if I could get some 8 x 10s or wallet size.  Anyway, it was 15 minutes of being stretched out, unmoving on a table while this thing rotated around me taking pictures.  After the photo session it was more sit and wait until they were ready for the actual stress test.

When I was called back to the treadmill room (for lack of a better name) it was more sit and wait until the doctor was finished with the patient he was seeing.  Finally he came in and the test started.  Of course he and the others in the room insisted on carrying on a conversation with me while I was on the treadmill.  This was fine until I started to get winded from the increases speed and incline.

When they took me off the machine the doctor told me that he did notice an slight indication of something being off but he would have a more definitive comment after the second set of pictures.  The good news was that now I could have something to eat and drink as I waited to be taken back for photo shop 2.  This was also 15 minutes of arms stretched time while the machine once again did its thing.

Finally it was over.  Now I just have to wait a couple of days until the doctor reads the results and sees where we go from here. I have said before that I am not a good waiter.


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11 responses to “Test Day

  1. I was thinking of you and your stress test this morning since I knew you were worried about the weather. I hope the results are good!

  2. Whew – I’ll bet that you are glad that THAT is over. Keeping my fingers crossed that you will get a stress free result.

  3. That kind of thing is very tedious. Funny the stress one must endure to get a stress test. Kind of a double edge sword. Wish you good health.

  4. Good luck Bob. I’m with you and thanks for sharing the details of that test. I’ve always been curious. Keep us posted, will you.

  5. All that waiting and on an empty stomach is pure torture! I hope you get a good report. I had to do the treadmill test once, but I don’t recall a photo shoot. I love it when they said keep walking, just tell us a minute before you are going to collapse. Are you kidding me?

  6. Like Elsie, I did the treadmill test, but no photo shoot. Maybe that’s something they’ve added recently. Stretched out sounds good, but unmoving…that’s a killer. Nothing like being told not to move to make you want to move everything. Hope the next few days pass by quickly and that your test results will be good.

  7. Your photo shoot did not seem the glamorous sort! Sending prayers for patience in waiting and a good report! Blessings.

  8. Judy C.

    Waiting is the name of this game. Praying for good report. Waiting seems to be enough of a stress test.

  9. Terje

    Going to the doctors is not on the list of best way to spend time. Waiting for the results is even worse. I hope the results make you breathe with relief.

  10. The waiting is the worst. I always anticipate the worst and then it builds and builds. Ugh. At least your doctors are being proactive and you’ll have news soon. All the best.

  11. Sorry you were so stressed by your stress test! Hope all goes well!

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