Getting Ready for the Test


I have been putting off writing and publishing this post for one very good reason – I have no idea about what to write.  Should I write about going to see Jersey Boys on Saturday at the Hershey Theatre?  Should I write about shoveling snow after having been in the hospital with chest pains?  Should I write about the notification we received about who our keynote speaker will be at this year’s PCTELA conference?

After careful thought, and being desperate for a topic, I chose to write about my upcoming stress test which takes place next Tuesday.During the week I received a confirmation about the test from the doctor’s office listing what I need to do to prepare for the test.  I am sure it is also meant to destressify me.  So, here is my take of the list of instructions I received.

First of all I need to be at the office at 7:30 which means leaving the house by 6:45 which means getting up by 6:00.  Since I retired I forget that there is a 6 A.M.  Sorry to those of you who are already at work by that time.  Certainly this will not be a stress factor.

Secondly, no caffeine (coffee, tea, soda, or chocolate) or decaffeinated beverages 24 hours prior to the test.  No coffee?  No chocolate?  Does this mean that if I want I can make and drink an entire pot of coffee from 6:30 to 7:30 the day before the test?  Can I have some Tastycake chocolate cupcakes to go with those cups of coffee as well as some peanut butter cups for dessert?

Thirdly, Nothing to eat or drink for 12 hours prior to arrival time.  Not a problem since I plan to spend most of this time sleeping.

The fourth item on the list is to bring a snack including a beverage that contains caffeine.  Does a caramel cappuccino count?   How about a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit?

Next on the list is to wear a short sleeved shirt and sneakers.  Darn!  I was planning on wearing one of me suits and a pair of dress shoes.

Well, with this list of rules I am sure that I will not be stressed going in for a stress test.  Maybe my post next week will be about how the test went.


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9 responses to “Getting Ready for the Test

  1. Glad you are keeping your sense of humor as you prepare! Best of luck!

  2. Hope all goes well!
    And no more shoveling snow!! Find a teenager in the neighborhood. (Although that might cause more stress…)

  3. I love how you are finding the humor in the situation! I think the suit sounded like a grand idea, actually. Good luck – I will keep you in my thoughts and hope for positive results! (And NO MORE shoveling snow!)

  4. Jaana

    There is always water to drink. And think, you get to choose which T-shirt to wear. Maybe one of the Jersey Boys? (And I will echo the previous commentators, NO MORE shoveling anything!!)

  5. I hope your stress test signs no sign of problems! Hopefully you’ll be back eating your Tastycakes in no time.

    in the meantime, stop shoveling!

  6. Here’s to a stress free test…and stress free days leading up to that test!

  7. It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t add my two cents here – don’t shovel, get a snow blower. The way it works here is when someone buys a snow blower, we don’t get any snow for the year. Maybe it will work in your state too. 🙂
    I hope everything turns out all right and soon you are declared fit and healthy. (But still no shoveling!)

  8. You know I am getting a bit stressed thinking about your stress test! Haha I am awake by 5 AM so thinking about not having to get up early in retirement sounds nice. I like to wake up but not HAVE to get up. I trust all will go well and I look forward to reading your humorous take on it. (Have you listened to all the advice and STOPPED shoveling yet?)

  9. Lisa

    As soon as someone says we can’t have something, it’s the thing we want more than anything else, right? When I go shopping in the US (I live in Canada but am an American) I see so many things on the shelf that I just have to buy! Like Ding Dongs. Who even eats those? I hadn’t thought of them for many years before I even moved here, but when I saw them on the shelf, I couldn’t walk past. Good luck with your test.

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