Musings and Complaints

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hHere it is, piles of snow on the ground and more predicted for today.  Enough already!   I firmly believe that no snow should fall until the previous snowfall has disappeared.  I also believe that when it does snow it should only be allowed to fall on lawns, not roads, driveways, sidewalks or any place else that needs to be cleaned off.  It has gotten so bad that I have already shoveled the snow from the snow pile I made so I have room to throw more snow.  The pile was higher that I could throw so I had to get it down.

I am sitting here thinking about what I should this afternoon.  I have a doctor’s appointment at 2:15. It is a reschedule from when I cancelled a few weeks ago because of the weather.  Should I call and reschedule?  Should I wait and see what happens because we are in a lull right now with part two promising up to 5 inches later?  

My appointment is with an ENT to get  y ears cleaned.  I tend to get a wax build-up and need to go for a roto-router job every 4 months (TMI?)  Anyway, I guess this could be a blessing.  If my wife asks me to do something I can plead that I didn’t hear.  After all, I couldn’t make my appointment.  I know, a flimsy excuse but it is worth a try.

I am not a fan of snow.  That stopped the year I got my first car and had to drive in it.  I trust me, but not some of the other drivers on the road.  I am amazed at some of the needless (in my opinion) chances they take.  I leave at least a car length between me and the car in front of me and some yahoo passes and pulls right in front of me.  

Enough complaining for today. I had read somewhere back in September or October that January was to be cold and February was to be snowy.  Boy, did that person have it pegged right.  


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5 responses to “Musings and Complaints

  1. There should be rules for snow falling and accumulating. I hope you can make your appointment this afternoon. I totally get the not trusting other drivers. We are of the same mind.

  2. I feel your pain, almost. I am from the South and we have an unusually snowy winter. I am sure it does not compare to yours though. Here is my recent post about my winter:

  3. Oh I am so right there with you, Arjeha. I especially enjoy your snow rules. I’m usually blase about winter and don’t complain too much, after it’s part and parcel of living in northern climes. However, even I am so done with this winter winter. Persephone and Demeter need to get their acts together, because we mere mortals have had enough!

  4. ENOUGH SNOW, even though I love watching it. We were off yesterday and I couldn’t go anywhere. I’m one of those drivers that you don’t trust!!! xo

  5. I completely agree with your snow “guidelines” but I don’t think mother nature cares what we want huh? We had a two hour delay this morning because of slick roads and by the end of the day it was over 50 and I didn’t even wear my coat for bus duty. What a crazy day!

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