Just a short post because my mind is still not functioning 100%  Kathy and I spent the last week in Florida at Disney World.  It was a combination belated retirement gift to myself as well as an early Christmas present for both of us.  The last time we were both at Disney was 31 years ago – the first summer after we got married.  Epcot was still in the planning stags then.

Since I had been down in 2010 for NCTE I wanted Kathy to see the Christmas decorations.  We really had a wonderful time.  The hardest part was boarding our three cats for the week while we were gone.

It is nice to be home even though it is 60 degrees colder than ti was in Florida.  I think our “beasties” missed us as much as we missed them.  They have been following us around the house not letting us out of their sight.

More about our trip at a later time.  Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving”.

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  1. It is so hard to travel and be away when there are pets involved. They must be glad to have you home. One day I will get back to Disney World and I’ve been told the Christmas decorations are spectacular. The last time I was there was in 1977 on my honeymoon and Epcot was not yet built.

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