Bed Weights

Do you toss and turn in your sleep?  Are you tired of finding covers on the floor when you wake up in the morning?  I have the perfect solution – Bed Weights.  These amazing weights come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so you can pick the ones that are perfect for you.

 To use, one bed weight goes on one side of your feet while the other goes on your other side.  Once in place these weights rarely move and I guarantee your feet will not move either.  Sometimes you might even find both bed weights on the same side of your feet giving you limited movement in one direction.  Did I also mention that these weights provide heat to keep your feet warm on a cold winter’s night?

 As I said, these weights seldom move once they are in place.  One of my weights, however, seems to sense when I am not asleep.  She then walks up to my head and starts licking my face.  One of two things then happens.  She will either reposition herself by my chest with her tail in my face, or she will start pawing the covers until I lift them up and she can crawl underneath them.  If I start petting her then she is in kitty heaven.  The purrs start and just keep going.


My other bed weight doesn’t usually move unless it is to attack his counterpart.  This usually ends with some hissing and yowling. The only maintenance required for these bed weights in food, water, a clean litter box, and lots of love.  

 If you don’t already have a set, you can find bed weights at any pet store or animal shelter.  I wouldn’t be without my Ned and Molly.













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2 responses to “Bed Weights

  1. You are too funny! I was chuckling all the way through this piece. I had a feeling what your bed weights were by looking at your avatar. I used to have a pair of weights too, they behaved just like yours. I miss them desperately, but I am not home enough to be fair to them. Just so you know I am still chuckling. 🙂

  2. You had me going at first. I thought you were writing for QVC.

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