2017 is over and a new year is beginning.  Like many people, I have made resolutions in past years that I never end up keeping.  I could do the same this year.  Fro example, I could resolve to go to the gym more often.  However, since the closest gym is a 30 minute ride from home I don’t see that happening.

I could resolve to quit smoking.  However, I don’t smoke.  What resolutions can I make that I know I will have a better chance of keeping?  After some soul searching and hard thought I have come up with a list of 10 things I know I can do.  I know that 10 seems a bit ambitious, but I plan to aim big.

So here goes.  Here are my 10 resolutions for 2018 in no particular order.  I resolve to…

  1.  Tell Kathy I love her at least once a day.
  2. Pet any cat that decides to curl up for a nap on my lap.
  3. Take Kathy out for lunch or dinner at least once a week.
  4. Have lunch with former co-workers once a month just to keep in touch.
  5. Take in at least 2 Broadway plays this summer.
  6. Enjoy a glass of wine with dinner on special occasions (birthdays, anniversary…)
  7. Cook dinner at least once a week.
  8. Not feel guilty about eating a slice of cake if there is some in the house.
  9. Smile at people in passing.
  10. Be a better person today than I was yesterday.

With these resolutions I think I will have a pretty good success rate of keeping them.  Wishing all of you a healthy and Happy 2018.



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A Great Gift


To me one of the best gifts one can get is having a health problem fixed.  Many times we know that something is wrong but we are not quite sure what it is.  If you don’t know what’s wrong how can you fix it?

While we were in Australia Kathy had a difficult time walking because her legs would cramp on her.  This happened most often when we were walking uphill or on uneven pavements.

This didn’t happen too much before we left so we didn’t give it too much thought as to it being a problem while we were traveling.  Some people on the trip suggested she try drinking tonic water.  The said the quinine would help.  It did, somewhat.  One person complained that we knew before the trip that we should be able to walk distances.  We honestly thought she could.

Anyway, when we got home and Kathy had her next doctor’s appointment she told him about the problem.  He decided to run some tests and discovered that she had blockages in the arteries  in both legs. She was scheduled for an angioplasty last Wednesday.

We got to the hospital for 7:30 A.M. so that she could be prepped and ready for her scheduled 9:00 procedure.  We met with the doctor who would perform the angio and she spent about 20 minutes explaining the pros and cons of the procedure.

He didn’t know exactly where the blockage was, if a stent could be inserted, if a balloon could be used to open up the artery, or if nothing would work and she would need bypass surgery.  He also wasn’t sure if opening the artery would solve the cramping problem or if the cramping was being caused by something else.  He wanted to make sure we understood all of the ramifications before Kathy signed off on the procedure.  We did and she did.

I left for the waiting room and the doctor did his thing.  About an hour later he came out and got me.  He told me all went well and he thought he solved the problem.  He showed me before and after pictures of Kathy’s legs.  It was amazing.  Both legs had blockages in the exact same spot behind the knee.  Because the left leg caused her more pain than the right one that is the one he decided to fix first.  He put in a balloon, inflated it, and blood flow was free flowing.

Because they went in through the femoral artery she couldn’t leave until the bleeding stopped.  Years ago they would put a sandbag on the site for pressure.  Now they use a plug.  The plug didn’t work for Kathy.  The site kept oozing and they kept changing the dressing.  After the third change they brought the doctor back up.  He suggested a heavy gauze pad tightly taped in place.  This was done and we were sent home.  It was now 4:30 P.M.

To see if he fixed the problem and before he did the right leg the doctor wanted Kathy to go for a walk the next day and take note of any discomfort.  We did.  Her left leg was fine.  The right leg cramped.  She was able to talk with me as we walked which she couldn’t do before.  Seems like problem solved.  In two or three weeks he will do the other leg and Kathy should be cramp free.

Couldn’t ask for a better Christmas present.


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Searching For A Topic


I am sitting here trying to decide what my topic for today’s post should be.  I would like to say that there are dozens of possibilities running through my head, but that would be a lie.  In truth there is nothing in my head…don’t say it, I know this is often the case.

I guess I could write about one of the cats, but I did that last week.  Besides, they haven’t done anything really interesting this week.  Of course there was that one day…maybe I’ll save that for another post.

I could write about the warm shift in temperatures we are having and how I don’t dream of a white Christmas since we do some traveling on that day, but talking about the weather is kind of a boring fall back topic.

I could write about the theatre tickets I for for our annual August New York trip, but maybe I’ll wait until closer to the time of the trip.  After all, I didn’t make any dinner reservations yet.  Anyone have a good suggestion for a good restaurant in NYC’s theater district?

Yes, these are things I could write about but really don’t want to.  Maybe I’ll just skip this week and see if something comes to me for next Tuesday.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


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Laundry Day


It never fails.  No matter what I do it still comes around at least once a week, sometimes more.  Laundry Day.  Well, if I want clean clothes I guess the laundry must be done.

Let’s start by taking a look at the basket to see how full it is.


Yep, I guess it is time to wash some clothes.  First thing I need to do is separate the clothes by colors.


Hmm..,looks like there are more darks than lights so I guess darks it is.


The clothes are arranged in the washer.  I like to distribute them around the agitator so that they don’t clump.


Next it is time to add the detergent and softener.  After all, the clothes won’t become clean and smell nice if I don’t add them.


OK, looks like everything is set and ready to go.


Now it is just wait until the clothes are clean and dry.

Ahhh, there is nothing like the feel and smell of clean soft clothes.


I guess I’d better get them folded so that I can put them away.


I need to make some room in the drawer.  If I push things closer together there is plenty of room.


Yes, I knew everything would fit.


Maybe I should just tamp them down so the drawer closes more easily.


The laundry basket is now empty.  I should be good for a few days.


After all of that hard work it is time for a rest.  Hey, don’t judge.  You rest where you like and I’ll rest where I like.


OK, maybe this is more comfortable.  Until next time…



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Joys of Owning a Home


I am sure that most houses have their subtle sounds that the homeowner is aware of and just shrugs off as being part of the house.  It might be a creaking floorboard.  Maybe it is the sound of the wind coming through the not quite fully sealed window.  Most sounds can be ignored and nothing major needs to be done.

I wish I could say the same for my problem.  It started a few days ago.  I had gone to bed early because I was tired.  I thought I was in a sound sleep when I heard the commode flush.  Just Kathy in the bathroom I thought, but why was she using the one in the powder room?  Oh, well.  I went back to sleep.

The next day Kathy and I were  sitting having breakfast.  The commode flushed again.  We were both there so it wasn’t us.  The cats were waiting for their milk so they didn’t do it.  There was no one else in the house that I knew of so who flushed?  Do we have ghosts?  Did some phantom flush just to let us know we are not alone?

What should I do?  Well, I chose the only logical path…ignore it and it will go away.  I ignored, but it did not go away.  In fact, the flushes became more frequent.  We had a phantom flush that needed to be dealt with.  I could call a plumber or I could go to the hardware store and get a new flapper unit and fix it myself.

Here is the culprit.


Maybe if I dumped those jugs of kitty litter into the tank that might solve the problem.  No, I guess it would just make matters worse.

So, this morning I went to the hardware store and bought this.


I like the words Easy Install.  We will see.  You now know what my project for the afternoon will be.  Wish me luck.  Who knows.  May it will lead to next week’s post.


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Center for Advanced Technology


I sometimes have difficulty settling in for a good night’s sleep so when I heard that there was a new product that could possibly help me I had to check it out.  Sometimes my mind races with thoughts of what needs to be done or places I need to go.  Sometimes my legs seem to be all over the bed and I can’t find a comfortable spot.

I was reading my Men’s Health magazine and found an article about a new device developed by the Center for Advanced Technology.  This product promised to take care of these problems that seem to plague me at night.

When I read the product description it seemed like the ideal thing to own.  I couldn’t wait.  I had to get one. I got on line and ordered this product and waited for it to come.  Finally it got here. I must say that it works very well despite its few drawbacks. I probably should have waited for the new and improved model which I am sure they are working on so that all of the kinks were worked out, but oh, well.

What is this wonderful new must have item you ask?  It is called the Comfortable Anti-anxiety Throw, CAT for short.  The CAT is fur covered so it is soft and feels good to the touch.

The CAT comes with many features.  You know how some people can’t fall asleep without a white noise machine?  Well, with the CAT no machine is needed.  The CAT produces its own pleasing and relaxing relaxing sound.  If you are like me and like to run your hand over the fur the noise will get progressively louder.

If you have lower back pain the CAT will undoubtedly find its way to the small of your back and bunch up in that spot.  It is amazing how much heat radiates from the CAT.  I must tell you, however, that when the CAT is in this position it is sometimes difficult to move the CAT or for you to shift positions.  Because of this immovability, the CAT also works well for keeping covers in place.

If you have Restless Leg Syndrome you might consider getting two CATs.  With one on each side of your legs your feet will stay still throughout the night. Come morning you just have to smooth out the covers because blankets and sheets did not shift thanks to the CAT.

Of course, when I got mine I went for the deluxe model which could have been a mistake on my part.  You see, my CAT comes with a built in morning alarm.  However, there is no way to set the alarm or turn it off.  This is something the tech guys need to work on.  The CAT goes off whenever it feels like whether I want to get up at that time or not.  It will not stop until I get out of bed. There is also no way to adjust it when we switch to Daylight Savings Time.

I must admit that I did get more than one CAT.  I actually have three.  Some might think that this is too many, but what do they know.  I am really happy with my three CATs and would not trade them in.

So, if you are having difficulty sleeping I highly suggest that you look into getting a CAT.  You will not be sorry.

Here are the ones I got helping me with my restless legs.



Oh, by the way, I hear that the Center also has another model who want to peacefully settle in.  It is called Drift Off Gently, DOG for short if this is more to your liking.

You might also want to go all out and get one of each.  Whatever works for you.



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Everything Old…


I guess it’s true, if you wait long enough things come back.  The other day Kathy and I were walking around B & N. We went into their music/media section.  It has been a while since i looked around there since I mostly spend my time with the books.

Anyway, I was really surprised at all of the vinyl they carried.  I know that records were making a comeback, but I was surprised at the volume of records they had.

I started looking through them just to see what titles they carried.  Their top spot – Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  Oh my.  Kathy and I looked at each other.  We have the original.

We looked some more.  Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Whipped Cream.  Have that one too.

As we looked we saw many more that we have the originals of  Oh my I was feeling old.  I looked at the price. $39.00 and up.  Wow.  We have a fortune in LPs in our house.

There were also a number of turntables.  I remember one of the first ones I had where you could stack up to five records on the record mount (not sure of the correct term) and  as one finished playing the next one would drop down so that you didn’t have to change records constantly. My first one also played different speeds. 33 1/3 rpm. 45 rpm, and 78 rpm.

I then started thinking about a commercial I have seen on TV and wondered if I am seeing it incorrectly or am I missing something.  Maybe you have sen it too.

It is for a medicine – I won’t mention which one.  Anyway, a young family is visiting a yard sale and they spot a record.  The wife buys it.  She gets it home and digs out an old record player to show her son.  She puts the record on the machine, turns it on, and places the needle on the record.  Here is where it gets interesting.  Maybe it is my eyes, but to me it looks like she places the needle at the end of the record.  She then begins dancing with her son.

Now, with all of the record players I have had if I put the needle there I would not get music.  My machines didn’t play backwards.  Did someone not do their research before filming?  Oh, well.  I suddenly feel very old.



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