And the Winner Is…


Last week Kathy and I went to the Lancaster Quilt Show.  It is sponsored by AQS, the group that also does the huge shoe in Paducah, Kentucky.  We have been to this show many times and I must admit that some years the quilts are better than others.  This year, in my humble opinion, the quilts were spectacular.

I think I snapped pictures of 90% of the quilts on display and now I am having a difficult time organizing them into one post.  I have decided that I can’t, so over the next few weeks I will be bringing you highlights form the show.

I thought I would start the series by focusing on the winners, those quilts that won “best of” in their category.

So, let’s start with the quilt that won for:


And the winner is…


One quilt at every show gets the honor of being named:


And the winner is…


Next comes the award for:


And the winner is:


Since there is an award for stationary machine there also must be one for:


And the winner is:


One room at the show was devoted strictly to wall quilts, those quilts that aren’t bed size but can be hung on walls for decoration.  They also had their winners.

As with the bed sized quilts, there had to be a:

IMG_2131 - Copy

Some of you know my likes pretty well so you won’t be surprised when I say this is my kind of quilt.  And the winner is…

IMG_2132 - Copy

A ribbon was given for:

IMG_2133 - Copy

And the winner is…

IMG_2134 - Copy

The last award went for:

IMG_2135 - Copy

And the winner is…

IMG_2136 - Copy

As I said at the beginning of this post, these are the top award winners.  They do not include 2nd, 3rd, and Honorable Mention winners.  I don’t want to bore or overload you with pictures so I think I will stop here and save the non-award winners for next week.  Oh, and just to pique your curiosity, they had a special exhibit that just blew me away.  That I’ll save for a future post.


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We Made It; It’s Over


SOLSC  Day 31

The challenge is over.  We made it!  When the call to sign up for the challenge came I did not hesitate.  I signed up with no second thoughts.  It was only afterwards that doubt crept in.  Why did I do it?  What do I possibly have to write about for 31 straight days? Will anyone bother to read what I write?

Well, why did I do it?  It is a challenge and I like challenges.  They are a way of helping me grow.  Because I am retired I don’t write the way I once did.  Use it or lose it.  I don’t want to lose my writing skill.  I also wanted to try some things I haven’t tried before and I know this is a safe and nurturing place to to that.

What do I possibly have to write about for 31 straight days.  This is something I have asked myself the previous 4 times I took on this challenge.  Many people plan their month in advance.  I don’t.  Many people make a list of possible topics.  I don’t.  I just hope for inspiration each day.  One thing I did do differently this year, though, was to write a draft the night before I posted it.  I didn’t feel so pressured this way.

Will anyone bother to read what I write?  This I have no control over. I am always grateful for those who read my posts and then leave comments.  They encourage me to try new things and to keep writing.  I am happy that I can sometimes bring a smile to those who read my blog or share some information someone may not have known.

Will I be here next March?  God willing, yes.  I will probably still have the same reservations and doubts but that won’t stop me.

What will I do until then?  I will be here every Tuesday (except for the weeks we will be away) sharing whatever is happening in my life.  Hope to see many of you here each Tuesday as well.

Thanks to everyone at TWT for hosting this challenge.  Thanks to all who took the time to read and comment on my posts.  You are the best.


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Out the Door


SOLSC – Day 30

The car is gassed. Did that yesterday.

The cats are fed. They’ll be good for the day.

Money to enter, money for food, and some extra just in case.

Before we leave I have to post.

No time to comment.  Will do that tonight.

Don’t forget the camera.

Must take many pictures.

After all, I need to get several posts out of this day.

Lancaster Quilt Show here we come.


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It’s Not Easy Being Royal


SOLSC –  Day 29

Many people think being a royal is easy and there is no work to it.  Wrong.  Although royalty has its privileges, it does make for exhausting days.  Let me just share one day with you so that you get the picture.

First of all, when you rule it is important that you get enough rest.  To make difficult decisions you need to be sharp and that only happens if you get a good night’s sleep.

sleep 1

Of course a ruler needs to look good so grooming is an important part of my morning ritual.

Once I am presentable it is time for breakfast.  After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  The nice thing about being royalty is that I don’t need to fix my own meals.  That’s why I have a chef.  Of course, my chef is lazy and likes to sleep late.  I can’t have this since I have so much to do.  I need to wake him up.

Ah, the table is set and I am ready to eat.  Wait!  What do you mean this food is not for me?

This is my food?  How do I get at it?  I demand service.

Finally it is served and I can eat.

Now I have to plan my day. That takes some serious thinking.

Now that I am well rested the first thing on my list is to go up to my tower and survey my kingdom.  I need to make sure all’s right in my world. What is this!  How dare someone else be in my spot.  I will not tolerate this kind of behavior.

Now that is much better.  Things are looking good from up here.


However, things can change quickly so that is why I post a sentry.  It is her job, yes, I do have women in my service, to tell me if anything is amiss.


I think I’ll take a stroll around my kingdom.  As I walk around my domain I often run into one of my subjects.  It is only fitting that he bows before me; I am the ruler after all and no one’s head should be higher than mine.


Even though there is lots to do on any given day it is important to take some time out of the day for fun.  We all know that all work and no play…

In order to know what is going on in the world reading the newspaper is a must.


One thing we royals are noted for is the lavish dinner parties we give.  We are having one tonight.  Looks like cook has made some dessert.  I’d best sample it to make sure it is fit for them.

sleep 9

Since we are having company I must look my best.  The laundress brought clean clothes to my chambers.  What?  You expect me to fold and put these things away.  I don’t think so.

I’ll wear this one.  Leave it out.  The others can be folded and placed in the wardrobe.

All this has worn me out.  I think I’ll take a cat nap before my next bit of business.


That was refreshing.  Now it is time to grant an audience to my subjects.


Looking at the time I see that I must get ready for my guests.  Dinner was a success.  I have no pictures; some dignitaries just can’t hold their catnip.  I don’t think they would like to see their pictures displayed.  The Siamese Ambassador…oh my.  That’s a whole different story.

As you can see, it’s not easy being royal.  I am totally wiped out so I am sure you understand that it is now time for a well deserved good night’s sleep.  I am glad I was able to share my day with you and I hope you have a better understanding of what it is like to be Royal.  We are just like you…well, maybe not.



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I Shouldn’t Have


SOLSC – Day 28

I went to the mailbox to pick up our mail before we left for the show.  I shouldn’t have.

I looked through the mail and separated mine form Kathy’s.  I shouldn’t have.

I noticed an official document so I picked it out of the stack.  I shouldn’t have.

Stamped across the top were the words Summons for Jury Duty.  I opened it.  I shouldn’t have.

I read it,  I shouldn’t have.

I am to report for jury duty on May 5th.  Why am I upset by this news?  Well, May 5 I am supposed to be in Australia. There are many things I can do, but being in two places at the same time is not one of them.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I know it is a privilege and a duty.  It is not the first time I have been called so it is not like I don’t know what goes on.  What I am upset about is that out trip is less than a month away.  All preparations have been made.  All money has been paid. Yes, I took out travel insurance, but we really want to go on this trip.

I need to see if something can be done.  Luckily this is a county summons not a federal one so maybe I can get some help with this.  Yesterday Kathy an I went to the courthouse to talk with someone to see if there was some way we could resolve this.  I took all of my paperwork showing the trip was paid for as well as our flights plans and itinerary.

Update:  After speaking with someone in Court Administration I filled out some paperwork stating it would be a hardship for me to serve because of being out of the country.  Hopefully I will get a postcard telling me I received a postponement.  I am relieved.


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The Blue-Eyed Six


SOLSC – Day 27

Are you familiar with the story of the blue-eyed six?  Chances are that if you are not from Lebanon and the surrounding counties you don’t know their story.  I knew they existed but didn’t know the details.  On Thursday I found out.

Kathy and I attended a brunch organized by the Dauphin and Lebanon Counties School Retirees.  The guest speaker was the great-grandson of one of the blue-eyed six.  He had written a book about the event and we bought it, but I haven’t read it yet.  All six men had blue eyes, thus the name the Blue-Eyed Six..

Anyway in case you don’t know the story here goes.  In 1878 four men took out an $8000 insurance policy on another man, Joseph Raber, promising to look after the pauper.  The men got Joe to sign the policies with promises of keeping him provided with food  This was legal back then.  Times were hard, the men had families to support, and not much money coming in. The didn’t want to wait for Joseph’s natural death so they conspired with two other men to kill Joseph and collect the insurance money. Although six conspired, only two did the actual killing, one being this man’s great grandfather.

Someone saw them and reported the incident to the sheriff.  The six men were arrested, tried, and all but one were convicted and sentenced to be hung until death.  The speaker told us the story of each man and where each is buried and yes, you can visit the grave sites of the six men as well as the victim.

“Apart from the actual murder trial, the whole proceeding turned out to be an indictment of the murky business of assessment life insurance, which led to major changes in insurance law, particularly with regard to the practice of insuring people in whom one had no legal interest.”…

I am now anxious to read the book and find out more about this notorious, at least in this area, group of men.


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Great Show- Sad News-Delicious News


SOLSC Day 26

Yesterday I would call a mixed review kind of day because of some things that happened.  Here they are in no particular order.

The most enjoyable part of the day, at least for me, was that Kathy and I went to see The Sound of Music at the Hershey Theatre.  I can’t remember how many times I have seen Julie Andrews twirl around the mountain singing the title song.  However, I have never seen the stage production.  I knew that there were some changes in the song placements and I knew there were songs in the show that were not in the movie.

Would I be disappointed?  Would I not like the stage version?  No and No.  For two and a half hours I sat with my eyes glued to the stage and the performers.  The set designs were beautiful.  The cast was excellent and the voices unbelievable, especially the Reverend Mother.  When she sang “Climb Every Mountain” it was something to hear.   Showing my age, but they don’t write ’em like that anymore.

There was one sad part at the theatre, though.  Because we have had the same seats for 18 plus years we have gotten to know the four women who sit behind us.  They are season tickets holders as well.

One of the women had bypass surgery over the summer after I had mine so, when we went to a show in the Fall we compared notes.  We both had the surgery done at the same hospital but had different surgeons.  Her recovery was no going as well as mine had.

Well, yesterday we found out from her friends that she has had several strokes and seizures since we saw them in November.  She is not doing well.  I ask you to please keep Mary Ann in your thoughts.

On a happier note we went to Applebee’s for dinner after the show.  We like their 2 for $20 menu.  They added a new item to it: Grilled chicken, tomatoes, onions, and mozzarella on a bed of mashed potatoes with a balsamic drizzle over it.  Delicious.  I still have half for tonight’s dinner.

One thing happened that really ruined my day.  It took place before we left for the theatre.  I am not going to write about it here.  I want to wait until I see if I can get things straightened out on Monday before I do any ranting and raving.  Hopefully I can get things worked out.  I will let you know about it on Tuesday.


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