Spring Beauties?


Spring is a time for rebirth.  the grass greens, birds return singing their warm weather songs, and flowers begin to bloom.  These are all welcome sights we look forward to during the long winter days.  With these smile bringing sights there are also those things we don’t want to see and do our best to eradicate.  I wonder how these unwelcome guests feel.

My Plight

I have been been in hiding for much too long

And have come to realize that is wrong.

So now it’s time to make an appearance

Don my yellow dress and and begin my dance.

I may not be welcome; some may shun me.

They try to chase me but I will not flee.

My sister’s and I delight in the sun

And that is why you’ll never see just one.

We’ll be there in droves not fours, threes or twos

But when we come it is not welcome news.

For those who live there want to destroy us

I’ll never know why they make such a fuss.

What is wrong with just leaving us alone?

In no time at all we will all be gone.

So let us be as we enjoy the sun.

We’ll all get along, each and every one.






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Leaving the House


Except for a once a week trip to the grocery story over the past several weeks I haven’t really left the house to venture into the great outside world.  Being on a state wide stay-at-home advisory has helped with this decision.

Well, yesterday I did go out.  It wasn’t because I wanted to but because I had to.  I was down to two days worth of my blood pressure medicine and my cholesterol meds.  I needed refills.

I had texted my refill request to Walmart and received word that they were ready for pick up.  Well, knowing I had to go out, and knowing or governor wants people to wear masks when out in public, and knowing we had no masks in the house, Kathy spent Sunday in her sewing room making me a mask.

She looked at different websites and you tube videos on how to construct a mask and she decided on what she wanted to do.  She decided on two 6 x 12 inch pieces of fabric.  She also cut a piece of fusible interfacing and adhered it to one piece.  She then sewed the tow pieces of fabric together.  This was one unit.

She made a second unit as well.  She then sewed the tow units together leaving an opening on both sides.  This way I could slip in a folded paper towel for extra protections if I wanted to.

With the unit complete she added ties to the top and bottom.  I like the ties over elastic because I could tie them tighter and the ties would annoy my ears the way elastic would.

So, the completed mask had four pieces of fabric, two pieces of fusible interfacing, and one folded up paper towel.  Hopefully that would give me plenty of protection.

Picking up my mask I was off to Walmart.


Wonder if anyone seeing me in this would figure out I am a retired teacher.


Is it me or does anyone else who wears a mask out in public feel like an outlaw in an ole western?

Well, I was in and out of Walmart in less than five minutes with pills in hand.  I am now good with meds for 90 days.


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We Made It



It is hared to believe that we are at the end of another March Challenge – 31 days of writing, posting, and commenting.  For some reason this year’s challenge seemed to pass by more quickly then previous.  Maybe it was because of what is happening in the world.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for one again hosting event.  I can’t believe this is the eighth year I have participated.  I remember how leery and scared I was the first time I wrote and submitted something.  Of course I screwed up the link and Stacey had to correct it for me.

This is a wonderful community and I am glad to be part of it.  The help, support, and encouragement is something else.  It is what keeps me going even when I don’t feel like writing.

A great big Thank You to all who stopped by to read my posts and to leave  comments.  Although the goal was to write and not seek comments, the comments sure were nice to receive.  It is always nice to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.  Who knows, maybe an opportunity might arise where we might actually meet.  It has happened.

We are all winners and stronger writers because of participating in this challenge.  Here’s hoping many will continue posting in the weekly Slice of Life.  Continued great writing to all.  Stay healthy.


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I just Have to Wait


SOLSC Day 30

Well, I knew it was coming.and yesterday I got the call.  What am I going to do now?  I needed this an now I have to wait who knows how long.  I just got to suck it up and be patient.

When Governor Wolfe closed all non-essential businesses here in PA, I looked at my calendar.  Yep, there it was scheduled for Thursday, April  2 @ 6:00 – haircut.  I knew it was not going to happen.

I got a call from my barber yesterday morning telling me she would call and reschedule when she was allowed to reopen her shop.  I just have to wait.

OK.  My hair is thin and missing in spots, more spots than I like to admit.  I like to keep it fairly short because it doesn’t look too bad that way.  I usually schedule my appointments five weeks apart.  Well, it’s been five weeks since my last from and who knows how it will be until I can get a new one.

Ah, the sacrifices we have to make!  If I comb my hair back instead of over my ears it won’t look so long.  If I use a styling medium I can keep it from just falling limp. I could always wear a knit hat.  Well, I guess my consolation is that I don’t have to look at myself.  Poor Kathy



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SOLSC Day 29

Here it is, Sunday.  Two days left to this challenge.  I thought I would make a list of 10 things I am grateful for during this time.  Here they are in no special order.

  1.  Even though I can’t go to church, I can still watch Mass on EWTN.
  2. I am staying home, but I am not by myself.  I have Kathy and three cats to keep me company.
  3. The freezer is well stocked for the moment so I know we can eat.
  4. With the warmer weather I can go outside and do some yard work.
  5. I have stacks of books to read.
  6. I can still contact family and friends by phone or social media.
  7. The March Challenge gave me one thing to focus on during the day.  I enjoy reading  other bloggers and being inspired by their words.
  8. We have plenty of good music we can listen to and enjoy.
  9. Looking out the window and seeing birds at the feeder and daffodils and forsythia in bloom makes me smile.
  10. I still have my health.


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SOLSC Day 28

With all of this time on my hands I needed something to do, especially in the evenings when we don’t turn on the TV.  After doing things throughout the day I like to sit quietly at night and read or work on a project of some kind.

I enjoy working with plastic canvas.  The pieces are big and it is not delicate work.  I know Kathy’s quilt guild will be having a show in September of 2021.  I usually make something for them to sell at their quiltique.  This might be a good time to get started on that.

I found the pattern I wanted and the different colors of yarn that I will need.  The first thing I had to do was trace the patterns onto the canvas.  I will say that this is my least favorite part of the project.  However, I got it done.

pc1Now to cut them out.  This design isn’t too bad.  I have done some with more intricate cutting.


There, now I am ready to do some stitching.  Oh, by the way, can you tell what it will be when it’s finished?  If not, it might be easier to see if I arrange them in the shape they will take.


There, now I think you have a pretty good idea.  Following the design chart, it took about a week and a half to complete.  All pieces are filled in.


All that is left is to join them.


Mrs. Bunny is finished.   Well, almost.  When things are open again I need to get some ribbon so I can tie her bonnet under her chin.  I also need some lace trim for the bottom of her apron and around her bonnet.

Now, what should my next project be.  How about a Halloween witch?


No, I have a better idea.  Because their show will have a patriotic theme in 2021 I will go with a patriotic design.



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SOLSC Day 27

Fluffy white clouds gather around the glowing yellow sun.

Bringing joyous anticipation to those watching it.

Soon the egg will be eaten warming heart and tummy.




Running to the window she watches the activity.

Birds flying to the feeder getting their mid-morning snack.

She lays down, head on paws,and naps in the golden sunlight.




As I look out the window a smile spreads across my face.

In the midst of a gray day golden patches of  sunlight.

Daffodils and forsythia wave gently in the breeze.




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