Angry? Frustrated? Annoyed?


When I started this challenge at the beginning of the month two of the goals I set for myself were to have fun with my posts and to keep them short. For the most part I feel like I have succeeded. Today I am breaking those goals. This is not fun. I will do my best to keep it short, but I make no promises.

On Monday Kathy received a letter from Toyota saying she has 33 payments left on her car and she could get a good trade in value, a new car, and payments would be the same. Sounds good. Problem, the loan runs for 48 months. She has made 26 payments. I am not good in math, but I don’t 48 – 26 equals 33. I called the dealership. Seems like that the number of payments wasn’t really an issue. They just want her car because they need used cars. Maybe not an issue for them but it was for us. Now the dealership keeps calling wanting to set up an appointment for us to bring in her car and look at new ones. How many ways can I say we are not intetrested?

Same week. Kathy’s car payment is due on the 26th of each month. Yes, we still write out a check and send it in. Well, here it is the 23rd an we still haven’t received a bill. I called Toyota financial. What a joke! Listening to all of the options there wasn’t one that fit what I needed/wanted. I want to talk to a real lie person. Not happening. After annoyingly pressing all kinds of keys I was told I was being transferred to a real live person. Good news! However, all agents were busy helping others. It would be at least 30 minutes before someone answered. Bad news. I was put on hold. After about 10 minutes I was cut off. The line went dead. Really?

I tried calling back once more and the same thing happened. I decided to call the dealership and tell them what our problem was. We didn’t get a bill and the payment due date was looming. The guy I spoke with told me he was sorry that he couldn’t help. The dealership and the financial services are tow different entities working for the same company. He told me that even if he called the financial institution they would not give him any information but would direct him to tell us to call them directly using the same number I had used twice before. Ready to pull out what little hair I have remaining.

We ended up writing a check, sending it to the address adding a note that we didn’t get a bill. They should have the payment by the due date.

We have now decided that next month we will pay off the remaining balance. However, to get that number I have to call Toyota financial. My head is spinning.


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29 responses to “Angry? Frustrated? Annoyed?

  1. Book Dragon

    Argh- how frustrating

  2. Anita Ferreri

    Car dealers have been pushing for trade ins around here as well. I get weekly notes from VW about trading in my 4 year old, low mileage (thanks to Covid) car that runs just fine and still looks fine. Sure I could trade it in but then I would have a big new car bill????

  3. Definitely frustrating.

  4. Trish

    I am thrilled, and nodding in agreement, with the frustration and frankly, disgust, at the way so many agencies deal with customers. Good luck getting them off your back—and on having one less check to write each month!

  5. I sure hope you are able to get the final balance via the automated system and then you won’t have the frustration of being put on hold and cut off!

  6. WOWilkinson

    Ugh. That’s so stressful! Good luck.

  7. I want to make heads roll on your behalf. I am sorry that you are going through with this. ALSO – I totally feel you. My posts have been less than enthusiastic lately and I have been doing them before bed out of obligation…but then I am proud of the 23 day streak soooo…this challenge isn’t easy, but you are rocking it. ALSO – your words in today’s post evoke emotion so kudos. Now, let me know who I have to “put on blast.” LOL (just kidding)

    • I will send you a list. 🙂 Some years this challenge really gets to be a challenge. Doing it for 9 years I know. I’ve gotten to the point that I feel anything written is something written and that has gotten me through many writer’s block days.

  8. So frustrating! I’m sorry you had to deal with all of that.

  9. SaraThornton

    Fingers crossed!

  10. This is all wildly frustrating! And how very long it takes to resolve any of these issues! I can’t stand making these kinds of phone calls and trying to sort stuff out. I’m sure Kathy is so grateful to have you working on all of this!

  11. Lainie Levin

    Corporations can be so angering and frustrating to deal with. Here’s hoping that you get a resolution soon, and that after next month, you’ll be able to turn away and deal with icky folks any more.

  12. It’s so hard to get a real person on the phone these days! I am currently waiting for Spring Break to go to my credit union in person after trying to use the automated system to activate a new debit card and getting kicked out.

  13. 30 minutes on hold, and then to be cut off? Oh I can hear that not-so-silent AARRRGGH! fo frustration from herr. It really is hard to get an actual human customer service, these days, and even harder when you truly need one. So aggravating!

  14. Frustrated and annoyed is a common complaint by my husband when he gets the run-around. I, also, have had phone calls that exhaust me as I go from operator to operator to hang up. Automated systems are not user-friendly. I could go on but why bore you with details when you are already frustrated and annoyed. Off to sleep now-first night without a patch on my eye.

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