Usually we associate fireworks with the Fourth of July. Here in the valley we don’t. Fireworks are for the middle of June. Let me explain.

Each June we hold a fireman’s carnival in the park, which just so happens to be across the street from our house. It is a four day event starting on Wednesday. Thursday is parade day where firetrucks from all surrounding communities parade through the community ending up at the park for good food, good drinks, and live entertainment.

The carnival ends on Saturday with a half hour fireworks display. Living across the street from the park we are lucky. We can open the front door and hear the music coming from the park without having to go over there. On Saturday we can sit in front of the picture window and watch the fireworks without leaving the house. That is exactly what we did on Saturday.

The display started around 10:00 P.M. and was finished aby 10:30. Because the carnival and fireworks were canceled last year due to COVID, this year’s display brought huge excitement to the community.

Although it is hard to get good pictures of fireworks, especially through a window where part of the inside of the house is reflected in the picture as well, here are just a couple of what lit up our sky on Saturday night.


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14 responses to “Celebrating

  1. jumpofffindwings

    How much fun! Actually the reflections add some cool interest to the fireworks photos, as if the display is happening inside your house. We have been invited to our pre-Covid yearly July 4th fireworks observation event from a porch perched high above the bay front. I am glad to celebrating once again.

    • After not having the fireworks last year it was so nice to have this return to normal. We really enjoyed them,,,although the cats weren’t too wild about the noise.

  2. Terje

    This was more than a celebration for the firemen. It was a celebration for the world opening, for having the freedom to celebrate, to get together.

  3. A wonderful experience, thank you for sharing the photos. Which valley do you live in? Is your town a small one?

    • We live in the Hegins Valley. Yes, it is a small community. Think one main street and one side street with a number of offshoots from each. Very rural.

  4. I love fireworks and all that comes with it. This must have been the best celebration for everyone, a true tribute to endurance and community spirit. Freedom is such a special word that needs to be cherished after the confinement of COVID, Bob! Glad you got to celebrate!

  5. Okay, so that covers four days. What explains the fireworks we heard (here in Lancaster) for the two weeks following July 4th? We never heard them after July 5th or 6th when we lived in Harrisburg.

    • I guess each community has its own traditions. Usually Valley View, the community net to us, holds fireworks on July 4th at their park. Those we can’t see, but we sure can hear them.

  6. Front row seat! I love it. We last saw fireworks at Disney World. Now the local shows don’t even appeal to us. 🙂

  7. We often hear fireworks in the distance here when home baseball games are going on downtown. Once in a while, we’ll catch a glimpse of one. Always a bit magical.

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