Another Day Outside

Day 12

Yesterday I wrote about what I heard while I was outside. Today thought I would write about what I saw.

Once hidden from sight.
Furry buds now face the sun.
Pussy willows bloom.
Answering the call
of voices only they  hear.
Welcome to the world.
A yard once covered
With a white blanket of snow.
Banquet now for birds.

Once a busy place.
Lots of comings and goings.
Empty nest syndrome.


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19 responses to “Another Day Outside

  1. Changes happening all the while. I think 2020 taught us not to take anything for granted. Beautiful photos 🙂

  2. These are beautiful pictures and words. I am about to head outside myself … and just breathe in the sunshine!

  3. Terje

    I can feel the spring just by looking at your photos and reading your words. My view includes more snow.

  4. jumpofffindwings

    Haiku is the perfect form for this. I noticed the camouflage in the last photo and the perfect equilateral triangle in the birds-at-a-banquet. That green lawn is also perking up to “voices only they hear.”

  5. Haikus are perfect for this. The sights are so different to compared yesterdays sounds. I like this taste of spring.

  6. Love the use of photos to show us the world around you – and yes the snow is melting and spring is on its way! Yeah!

  7. Lainie Levin

    Sometimes a poem – gives us a reason to pause – and look about us.

  8. How lovely-a photo collage of life awakening! I love the pussy willow poem. The photo brings me back to my childhood, Bob.

  9. I love these little poems and pictures! Hooray for spring!

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