Sounds of Silence

Day 11

As I mentioned earlier this week, with the sun shining and warmer temperatures I went outside yesterday to do some yard work. I was surprised that there were not as many downed limbs as there had been other years. I like being out in the backyard. It is peaceful.

There was a slight breeze carrying the sounds of nature to me as I worked. It really was relaxing

Sounds of Nature

As I work picking up branches and limbs
Downed by winter winds and heavy snows
I am calmed by the sounds of nature.

Do I hear birds in the trees 
Discussing the events of the day?
No, I hear the cars and trucks 
Zooming down the road in front of our house.

Do I hear the geese flying overhead
as they journey northward?
No, I hear the neighbor's truck, the one with the bad muffler
that he parks in his driveway but keeps it running.

Do I hear the sounds of the kids playing basketball
in the park across the street?
No, I hear our neighbor's father using his earth mover 
to even out the road between our houses.

As I work in the yard
picking up limbs and branches
The sounds of nature
assault my ears.

(At least the lawn mowers haven't started yet.)


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18 responses to “Sounds of Silence

  1. The sounds of nature and all other sounds are welcome after the silence of last year 🙂

  2. I love the sounds of nature! And yes, the it is so very welcome after this past year!

  3. Lainie Levin

    I love the dissonance in your poem between the expectations of those sounds of nature and the ACTUAL sounds you’re picking up. I keep going back and forth between the delight and joy of nature, and the “assault” of all these human sounds. This poem is like a good bit of licorice – sweet, with something to keep chewing on. =) Thank you!

    • The traffic out front I expected. The other sounds I could have lived without but hey, they are part of the neighborhood so I welcome them as well.

  4. jumpofffindwings

    Suburban nature is nature of a different sort as you clearly capture here. I have to agree that sometimes just being outside, man making his inevitable tears in the natural fabric aside, is enough. (I’m off to present your post “Not My Post” to my students.)

  5. I find somewhat distant car/road noise to be relaxing. Loud mufflers maybe not, lol.

  6. The contrast between sweet expectations and bittersweet reality. Man made sounds is its own comforting white noise in a way.

  7. I like your poem and the irony, as you say you can cope with most of the natural/unnatural sounds, but I think the noisy muffler would be my undoing!

  8. Bob, you did a great job of contrasting the sounds you heard. What started off as a calming experience was followed by the loud sounds of life interrupting your flow. Love this!

  9. I like the contrast between what you might hear and what you actually hear. Even with the man-made noises drowning out the natural ones, it’s nice to be outside! 🙂

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