A Nice Surprise

Saturday morning I needed to run a couple of errands. I had some mail I needed to drop off at the post office and I had two bags of recycling to take over to the recycling bins at our township building. I got the mail organized, picked up the bags of recycling, and headed out the door.

A sight I didn’t expect greeted me.

OK. I smiled to myself because I kind of knew where this was going. I stepped off of the porch and turned left just as the arrow directed me. Lo and behold, I saw more arrows.

Following that arrow led to more arrows.

Which led to more arrows. The last arrow telling me to turn right.

When I turned, this is what I saw.

We definitely have great neighbors. Thank you Zimmermans.


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12 responses to “A Nice Surprise

  1. The pictures definitely piqued my curiosity. I agree you definitely have great neighbors.

  2. We are blessed with thoughtful neighbors. With the snow storm predicted for tomorrow I know that our road will be plowed because our neighbor takes care of that as well.

  3. How wonderful to be greeted by a surprise like this one, Bob. Friends are important. Spread the love!

  4. What a great start to your day! Be careful. Winter is HERE! Sounds like you will get some of that weather we barely missed last week.

    • Went to the store today because we needed a few things. People had packed baskets. You would swear they were calling for 12 to 16 inches…which they are. Glad we don’t have to go anywhere.

  5. Terje

    How fun. I wonder how you plan to respond. Poetry perhaps? Snow art?

  6. jumpofffindwings

    I know I’m late to this party, but oh, I love this Slice! I think you’ve written about these neighbors before, yes? They have done other chalk delights. Maybe not, but this one is certainly a reason to feel joy. So much what this season is all about!

  7. How fun! What delightful neighbors.

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