New Windows

A few months ago I was doing some yard work and needed to plug into an electrical outlet. The one I wanted to use was in the bathroom which faces the patio. Since I was working in the back yard this was the perfect one to use.

I went into the house, lowered the window, took out the screen, plugged in and did my work. Success. After putting the screen back in place I decided to wash the window since it was open and they are tilt out windows. No problem. However, don’t know what I did, but the bottom window came out. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t reseat it. Believe me I tried. I got fed up with it and decided it was time to replace the window. This was, but not really, a spur of the moment decision since for years that window has been leaking cold air during the winter months. We always ended up putting plastic in during the coldest months.

Now seemed like the perfect time to get a new one. I called Renewal by Andersen. A rep came out took the measurements, explained choices to us, and asked if we wanted any other windows measured while he was there. No charge for this. For some reason I asked about the dining room window since we were sitting at the table talking.

He measured it for us and asked if we would want the same as we had, center glass with a double hung on each side, or just one big sheet of glass. Although we had the double hung, we never opened them. I opted for the full glass. We still have other windows we can open for cross ventilation. I liked the price for both and decided to get them both replaced.

Yesterday was the day they came and installed the windows. I must say that the installers, there were three of them, did a fantastic job. They sealed off the work area with plastic so that dust would not be spread around the house. They worked efficiently and thoroughly cleaned up after themselves when they were finished. In all, it took about 5 hours from start to finish to complete the job. Kathy and I are both well pleased with the end product.

I know some people think we should have kept the double hungs. I like the result. It gives an updated appearance to the house and gives us a clearer view of the bird feeder, which is important to us during these stay-at-home days.

Check out the new look.

Outside before:

Outside new: (Yeah, that is me reflected in the glass)

Inside before:

Inside new:


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14 responses to “New Windows

  1. Anita Ferreri

    I’m amazed at the home improvement jobs I see happening all around me – and like you said – it is BECAUSE we are home so much that we are noticing so many jobs we WANT to have done.
    I think it looks lovely!

  2. I’m so glad the replacement work went so smoothly and so well. And the result is great. That’s what we used to call a “picture window.”

  3. Love the new “view” that you have. Not all windows need to open!!!

  4. jumpofffindwings

    Thanks for sharing the photos as well as the story of your new worldview! I love the openness of the new window, and the mullion—is that what they call the design frame— is wonderful. Yes to a broader perspective!

  5. Lainie Levin

    Wow, what a difference that window makes – especially looking from the inside out! May you never tire of beautiful views.

  6. Lovely windows! The large window certainly reminds me of the large one I have in my kitchen. I have the perfect seat in the winter to watch all of the little birds come to their little bird party.

  7. Now, this is a window to sit by and ponder-an eye out into your world, Bob. I love it. Good for you that you made a spontaneous decision to renovate. I have seen so many trucks in front of houses lately. The pandemic has given a boost to the home improvement industry. Enjoy your view!

    • Carol, with the leaves off of the trees we can see into the park across the street from us…dog walkers…people out for a stroll…kids playing basketball. It is a joy to sit at the table and watch the world go on.

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