SOLSC Day 28

With all of this time on my hands I needed something to do, especially in the evenings when we don’t turn on the TV.  After doing things throughout the day I like to sit quietly at night and read or work on a project of some kind.

I enjoy working with plastic canvas.  The pieces are big and it is not delicate work.  I know Kathy’s quilt guild will be having a show in September of 2021.  I usually make something for them to sell at their quiltique.  This might be a good time to get started on that.

I found the pattern I wanted and the different colors of yarn that I will need.  The first thing I had to do was trace the patterns onto the canvas.  I will say that this is my least favorite part of the project.  However, I got it done.

pc1Now to cut them out.  This design isn’t too bad.  I have done some with more intricate cutting.


There, now I am ready to do some stitching.  Oh, by the way, can you tell what it will be when it’s finished?  If not, it might be easier to see if I arrange them in the shape they will take.


There, now I think you have a pretty good idea.  Following the design chart, it took about a week and a half to complete.  All pieces are filled in.


All that is left is to join them.


Mrs. Bunny is finished.   Well, almost.  When things are open again I need to get some ribbon so I can tie her bonnet under her chin.  I also need some lace trim for the bottom of her apron and around her bonnet.

Now, what should my next project be.  How about a Halloween witch?


No, I have a better idea.  Because their show will have a patriotic theme in 2021 I will go with a patriotic design.



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18 responses to “Crafting

  1. Wow! Love the bunny but that flag is so glorious. I’ve never worked with plastic canvas. After my quilt, next up is a small embroidery project and then some more sewing . . . couldn’t find the gifts I wanted. I CAN MAKE them! MAYBE!

  2. Wow! I didn’t realize you were a crafter as well as a baker. These confined days at home is allowing us to learn even more about our fellow slicers.

  3. jumpofffindwings

    This is such a cool thing! The bunny is adorable—and I “saw” him right away. Okay, you’ve inspired me to take out the jigsaw puzzle. I’ve binged too much Homeland! Time to actually do something (and I am not, in any way, crafty.)

  4. I love this! I used to actually do this when I was a kid. My mom too. Seeing yours instantly brought back good memories 🙂 And it turned out amazingly!

  5. Lainie Levin

    What a sweet project. I absolutely love it!

  6. Bob! I feel like I’ve known you forever but this post surprised me! The bunny is so cute. I love it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a plastic canvas project that large, or that nice.

    • What can I say, Lisa. I have many talents. I enjoy large projects because they make good door decorations. You should see my Santa. He is bigger than the bunny.

  7. The bunny is sweet, and I look forward to seeing the flag.

  8. Wow! Your craft project is fabulous. I have never seen this type of craftwork before. Your work is so bright and lively. It gives hope that Easter will be a joyous holiday despite all the virus news. We must think positive and you are doing this with your baking and crafts.

  9. Look at you! A man of many talents! The bunny is adorable! What a delight for Easter. I can’t wait to see the flag and eventually the witch.

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