Not Now, Please


SOLSC Day 24

I turn on my computer and I get this lovely notice from HP that my computer is of that age where service may be no longer available for it.   They are saying my computer is old.  How dare they.  Don’t they know my computer has feelings and it is aware of everything that’s sent through it?

Well, if they thing that I am going to run right out to the store and buy a new one then the jokes is on them.  Ha.  All stores are closed so I can’t get into one.

They could tell me to shop and buy one line but that is not going to happen either.  When it comes to computers I like to see what I am getting.  Plus, I need a computer tech to set things up for me and transfer my files.  I would not attempt that on my own.

My computer works fine even for its age.  I am not calling you old, baby.  You are experienced in my handling and using you.  So what if you sometimes change words on me when I am writing something and I end up with a text or post that makes no sense.  I know you are just trying to get me to proof read before I hit “send”. Besides, I have gotten these notices before on other computers and I know for a fact that no immediate action needs to be taken.

So, for now and the time being it is just my outdated (sorry, I meant to say seasoned) friend and me.



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18 responses to “Not Now, Please

  1. Surely all this time staying at home has us talking to our computers. What a lovely conversation you are having with yours. Thank you for sharing it. My laptop is on your side.

  2. I know what you mean about shopping for a computer – I like to visually see what I am buying, too, and not just in an online catalogue. My Sony Viao is still operating, although I do have a new computer – well, it is old for a computer these days – three years old. I will need a new one by 2021. Sigh! Love your voice in this – “I am not calling you old, baby.” You always make me smile!

    • Thanks, Lynne. I hate the thought of getting something new and then learning all of its quirks because, let’s face it, I don’t have any quirks. 🙂

  3. jumpofffindwings

    Again, so wonderful! Love the apostrophe, “I am not calling you old, baby,” and the personification. And that quick revision to end, using “seasoned” rather than “old”? This could be a lesson in word choice among other literary devices. Thanks!

  4. I didn’t know HP did that! I have an old…I mean seasoned Mac and I know there are things I can’t do on it, but I still do! Some things are just difficult to change or learn.

  5. Fun slice in light of the fact that I got so annoyed with my printer that stopped midstream that I threw it out. Error message and I could not resurrect it. Customer service did not text back. On and On! So glad your plunker is still going strong. My desktop is aged and wants a refurbishing too! Oh Well!

  6. My iPhone is my most modern device. There have been many new versions since I got mine. I don’t feel too bad, though. One of my best friends has one that I several versions older than mine. We both are communicating just fine with them. And these days, our iPhones have definitely been granted “best friend” status and we don’t want anyone bad-mouthing them!

    • Just because you don’t have the newest version of something doesn’t mean that what you have won’t work. I see no need for getting a new computer for quite a while. Mine still does all that I want it to do.

  7. HP is a bully in that way. It’s fear-mongering – especially now when they know so many are really going to need their computers to get through these times. You just got the notice, you have some good times left with your seasoned baby.

    • Yes, HP is a bully and I refuse to give into bullying tactics. I will get a new computer when I want one and not because corporate is telling me I need one.

  8. Lainie Levin

    Shhhh don’t talk too loud, it might hear you!

    Just keep speaking nicely and it’ll get you through whatever you need….

  9. Having to buy a new computer is very stressful for me! I’m glad you’ll have some time to think about your purchase!

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