SOLSC Day 23

One of the most disappointing things about this virus is the fact that everything is being cancelled.  Some of you may recall that during the last month of this challenge there was always a huge quilt show in Lancaster.  That was always good for several posts for me.  This year the show is not happening’

Because I always counted on that show for some posts I thought I would take time today to revisit some of the shows Kathy and I have attended over the rears.  Some of these quilts might seem familiar because I did feature them in previous posts.  However, I think they are still worth a second look.

If you know me you know that I can’t pass up a quilt with cats.  So, here are two quilts.  The first is a cute domesticated kitty and the second is the king himself.



As long as we are on animals how about this colorful giraffe?


This pattern always intrigues me because of the 3-D illusion of it.


I like the lattice work design of this one.


Applique quilts are always something to see especially when done in a Baltimore Album pattern.


I like the touches of color in this otherwise gray quilt.


Hexagons always make for interesting quilts.


Stained glass window designs are striking.


Many quilters like to incorporate flower designs into their work.


To finish up this baker’s dozen of quilts here are three just because.




There are several quilt shows scheduled for our area throughout the summer and fall.  Here’s hoping things ab somewhat back to normal so that they are not cancelled as well.


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13 responses to “Quilts

  1. jumpofffindwings

    Thanks for this eye candy. I want the giraffe! I was hoping we’d get a quilt post, and I’m sorry for the disappointment. Know you’re among friends in that.

  2. I was thinking about your quilt show the other day! How sad that it isn’t happening. Thanks for posting some old pictures. Is Kathy sewing face masks? All the US sewists on the internet seem to be doing that now!

  3. Wow to that first cat quilt! I am happy to revisit some of these. The craft and beauty on display are incredible. It is disappointing not to be able to go to the quilt show this year, but thankfully you have these photos to revisit happy memories.

  4. I love your love of quilts. It comes out in your slice for sure. My favorite was the very last one. Very pretty!

  5. So glad you shared these again as great art brings a smile to my face. My husband sitting beside me even commented on their beauty. Quilting is something I have just barely started to learn from my mother-in-law. Starting with wedding ring quilt she made for our wedding to many baby quilts I have helped her with, she has a lot of skill. Her latest is making masks for my nieces to wear at the hospital. Thanks for the slice.

  6. Alice Nine

    Great to see your quilt pictures again this year. So much beauty!

  7. Every year because of your posts I am reminded of the beauty and artistry of quilts. I’m glad you chose to share these again.

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