‘Round the Bend


SOLSC Day 16

Writers, fire up your computers.  I am sure the power surge could be felt as computers were turned on so that we could all write that most important of posts, Day 1 of the 2020 Slice of Life Story Challenge.

We were all geared up.  We left that starting line with pedal to the metal.  We knew it was going to be a long ride, but we knew that we were up to the task.  Many of us ran this race before while for others this was their first time out.

Seasoned or newbie we all started with equal qualifications – a dedication to write something every day for 31 days.  We were excited.  We knew there would be challenges.  What worthwhile race doesn’t have them.

During the first half of the race we have had pit stops.  Maybe an idea wasn’t working the way we thought or hoped it would.  Maybe we hit a hectic day when we wondered if we would have time to write, post and comment.  Maybe we had a day where we felt we had nothing to say that hadn’t been said before.

Whatever the problem our pit crew fixed it with an encouraging word and we were on our way once again.  Days were counted off as we circled the track.

Now, here we are.  The race is half over.  The checkered flag is within sight.  That doesn’t mean that there won’t be more pit stops.  They are bound to happen .

But, with the end in sight we know that we will persevere to that finish line.  The nice thing about this challenge is that everyone in it, whether they finish or not, is a winner.  There are no losers.

Now, it’s time for me to pull in to recharge my battery before I continue this race.


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12 responses to “‘Round the Bend

  1. jumpofffindwings

    This is flat-out awesome. I love the extended metaphor, and especially love thinking about “The checkered flag in sight.” Everything you say is so true. “Maybe we had a day where we felt we had nothing to say that hadn’t been said before.” Wow! That one particularly resonated, and resonates, for me. Brilliant job.

  2. Perfect slice to re-energize and remember that checkered flag is around the last turn!!!

  3. This is a an engaging metaphorical slice. I agree the beginning was daunting but we are rolling with it. Thanks for the encouragement. “But, with the end in sight we know that we will persevere to that finish line.”

  4. Oh bravo! Bravo! I love your use of race car metaphors here. We’re closing in on that final loop and the milk bottle is in sight indeed. Fantastic.

  5. Clearly written by an experienced Slicer! I can’t believe we’ve already hit the halfway mark. It’s all down hill from here!

  6. Lainie Levin

    Yes! Thanks for the pep talk!

    As for me, I’m realizing that daily writing could actually be a habit I might want to continue. A girl can dream. =)

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