Tough Decisions


SOLSC Day 15

Yesterday I went to the store because we needed a few items.  I did not go to stock up on things even though I bought some paper products because we are low and needed them.

No, I had more essential items that I needed to buy.  I was hoping that the shelves would not be empty because I didn’t where else I could go.  I didn’t want to leave the valley.

I made my shopping list the day before after going through what we had to see what I needed if I were going to survive this self-imposed quarantine.  As I carefully looked through things I wrote down the needed items.

Around 9:30 yesterday morning I was ready and set off for the store.  When I got there the parking lot was full, but no more so than it is on any Saturday.  I got inside and it was not aisle to aisle people.  Checkout lined were not backed up.  This was a good sign.

I started shopping.  There were plenty of the non-essential items on the shelves so I had no trouble picking them up and putting them in the cart.  I got to the paper products aisle and although things were picked over, I was still able to get a pack of paper towels  and toilet paper.

Now to check on what I came for.  Hopefully I would be as lucky here.  As I entered the aisle I didn’t notice any gaping holes.  That is a good sign.  I knew what I needed was in the middle of the aisle so I headed down.

Yes!  Oh joy!  They were not sold out of what I wanted.  Most of the ingredients I had at home but these few items I didn’t.



Now I can do some baking and get through this.  We all have our ways of coping.



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25 responses to “Tough Decisions

  1. jumpofffindwings

    When life gives you lemons, MAKE COOKIES! You have your priorities straight. I love the surprise ending. (I’m opposite from you in geography. I don’t want to go to the valley!)

  2. We live in the valley so except for our local grocery store everything else is a half hour drive. Luckily, our store is well stocked.

  3. Terje

    Yes, cookies! I am glad that your shopping trip was a success. I think that little pleasures become even more valuable now.

  4. Yes, to baking! (Twice in the last week for the first time since Christmas.) So nice that you didn’t have to settle for any substitutes!

  5. I wish I were on my feet since I’d be baking up a storm right now. I ordered more GF flours so that I can start baking with my kids in a few weeks once I’m off of my crutches. (Related, I’m convinced we’ll still be doing this through early May.)

  6. I am sure baking (or consuming baked goods) will be a coping strategy in our house as well! What struck me as odd in our store was the potato shortage. No bagged potatoes, except red ones, could be found! ???

  7. I love that you were searching for baking yummies! Yes, we all have our different ways of coping. I am trying very hard to minimize my sugar, but, wow, this pandemic makes it a real challenge. Maybe homemade treats should be the exception? I like your thinking!

  8. Baking is definitely essential! I just put flour on my list for this week because I’d like to bake bread this week. I’ve also promised my son some carrot cake cupcakes.

  9. I am with you! Baking and writing are always ways to pass the time passionately doing something I love. Home-baked cookies are always a treat.

  10. My store was the same – the regular amount of customers I’d seen a Saturday morning, and everything I wanted was on stock. I had a few inexplicable urges to buy things I definitely don’t need! C’est la vie! That’s how I normally shop. Your cookie recipe looks very yummy. Perhaps I’ll give it a try.

  11. Czechoslovakian cookies and Toffee Crunch bars> I still remember when you posted about lemon bars. You are a man to satisfy a sweet tooth. I guess I have more shopping to do.

  12. Cookies are called for in these times. I baked toffee bars with chocolate chips and pecans.

  13. Lainie Levin

    You make me smile! YES. I have the same thought about needing to have baking supplies handy – they are as much an essential as many other things I have in my home…

    • Baking for me is an outlet. I certainly don’t need the things I make, but for the time I am baking my mind is focused on what I am doing and not on what is going on around me.

      • Lainie Levin

        Exactly! For me, I’ve always felt like baking is a great stand-in for writing at times: it’s a creative outlet that comes to fruition much faster, AND I get a lot more validation for my efforts.

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