SOLSC Day 14

The other day I went over to our local pharmacy.  It was time to get a refill on some blood pressure medication.  After all, all of the news programs have been telling us we should have a good supply of the things we need in the house, medications being one of those.

Since I had called in the refill the day before, it was there waiting for me when I got there.  I paid for it and brought it home.

I don’t usually read all of those warning stickers they plaster all over the pill bottle nor do I read the information sheet.  I figure the doctor would have told me anything I needed to know about the medicine.  Plus, I have been buying this for years.

This time, though, I decided to read all of those stickers.  Maybe I was bored and just looking for something to do.  Anyhow, here are the stickers:


That first warning…oh my!  Better hide the car keys.  As for operating equipment, I guess the snow blower, which we haven’t needed all winter, is out of the question.

This drug may cause dizziness.  Hmmm…that might be hard to notice.  I think I need a better definition of what undo dizziness is.  Oh, wait, it’s dizziness not ditziness.  Silly me.  I had better get new glasses.

Don’t have to worry about nonprescription drugs and their interaction as no other drugs are taken.  That’s a relief to know.

As for the last warning, I am pretty good about taking medications as directed and not missing doses.  Don’t have to worry about this.

Oh, did I mention that this medication is not for me?





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22 responses to “Warnings

  1. Oh, the twist at the end! Very funny!

    Puts the warnings in perspective, though- seriously.

  2. The twist at the end had me howling with laughter. Oh my. I really hope Ned doesn’t operate any machinery while taking his meds! He is also just ridiculously beautiful! Look at those tails!!!

  3. Didn’t suspect the ending – very clever!
    I agree that our doctors should tell us about side effects and keep those in consideration when prescribing (for us as humans as well as animals), but it seems we all have to be our own advocates these days. When my husband consulted with a doctor about some serious heart surgery, the doctor described things very thoroughly, but ended with, “You can Google all this.” Yes, but can we read it with the background knowledge that doctors have? Not so much.

  4. Oh, you got me! Was not expecting that ending. I have seen the warning sign for driving vehicles and operating machinery, but never a vessel!

  5. Terje

    Ha-ha! Did your cat call the doctor to get some answers? Another thought I have is that people sometimes loose common sense and may do stupid things like eat cat medicine and then sue the companies for not putting a warning on a bottle.

  6. Great twist! Hope your fluffy one is on the mend.

  7. Geesh, that is a lot of warnings. I guess they have to cover themselves for anything. Thanks for not letting the cat drive.

  8. amyilene

    Ha! What a great ending…and just when I was wondering about the warning labels I never read!

  9. jumpofffindwings

    Some stories you just can’t make up. Thanks for this chuckle today.

  10. You had me all the way to the end. That’s so funny. I thought you were hiding the keys from yourself. A very clever writer you are! Kudos! Well done

  11. Oh, that ending simply nailed it.I understand a cat’s motto is “if I fits, I sits” is that behind the wheel of a car or vessel like a roomba? I have not done a proper spit take in weeks! I truly did not see that coming. Perhaps I need to check my ditziness medication. 😂 Thanks for the laugh! .

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