Leap Day



Saturday was Leap Day.  Sometimes an extra day can seem like a gift, a day to do as you please.  That is exactly how Kathy and I spent this extra February day.

I can’t say the day was unplanned, because it wasn’t.  We are season tickets holders for the Hershey Theatre Broadway series.  The series usually consists of four shows throughout the year.  Each year they also offer additional shows.  Tickets for these shows can be purchased along with subscription renewal if you choose.

Because Kathy and I enjoy going to NYC and seeing shows there many of the touring companies that come to Hershey are for sows we have already seen.  I don’t mind seeing shows a second time.

However, occasionally a show we haven’t seen comes to town.  This season one of the extra shows was Bandstand.  This is a show I wanted to see in New York but didn’t get to before it closed.  Here was my chance to see it.  We added the show to our subscription.

We got tickets for Leap Day.  We have theatre friends from Reading who sit behind us in the theatre and have been for years.  We have gotten friendly with them and last year we started going out to lunch together before the shows.

So, on Saturday we met Anita, Pat, Chris, and Cathy at Houlihan’s at 11:30 for lunch.  Since we haven’t seen them since before Christmas it was nice catching up with everyone.

After lunch we left the restaurant and regrouped at the theatre.  They also purchased tickets for the extra show.  I did enjoy the show even though it was not one of the best I have seen.

One nice thing about the shows in Hershey is that they are over in time for us to head to St. Joan of Arc for 5:00 Mass.

After Mass we decided that we were a bit hungry but a big meal at a restaurant would have been wasted on us.  Instead, we decided to stop at a Burger King on the way home.  Maybe not the most nutritious of meals, but it hit the spot.

Granted we would have done these things whether it was February 28th or March 1st, but it was nice to think we had an extra day in the year that we could use for pure enjoyment.  So we did.



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13 responses to “Leap Day

  1. I share your view of Leap Day. On the 29th I posted on Facebook “An extra day this year to kick back for fun or to leap to it and git ‘er done.”

  2. I love your ending. What a nice way to think about Feb. 29. And the “So we did.” gives such a finishing touch to the story.

  3. Good for you! We deserve a day just to enjoy at least once in four years!

  4. Terje

    You two have chosen a fabulous way to spend time together. You spent the extra day the best way possible. You will easily remember what you did on the 29th of February 2020.

  5. I love the idea of reframing an extra day as time for pure pleasure. What a wonderful treat to see a show you’d hoped to see but missed before!

  6. I always enjoy seeing which shows you and Kathy enjoy. And what a conclusion to your post! “Granted we would have done these things whether it was February 28th or March 1st, but it was nice to think we had an extra day in the year that we could use for pure enjoyment. So we did.”

    Solid and such great sentence fluency. 🙂

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