Winter Beauty


The outside sounds were quieted as the snow began to fall.

Slippery roads and careless drivers made for a slow ride home.

Blanketed beauty greeted me as I pulled into my driveway.



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14 responses to “Winter Beauty

  1. A beautiful poem for a beautiful view. I am glad you got home safely.

  2. Yes, snow is beautiful… more so once you are safe and sound at home!

  3. I love a beautiful snow fall but admit that I prefer to admire the view from a window at home, rather than from a car. To me, trees glazed with snow must be one of the most wonderful things in the world. The one in your photo is lovely.

  4. It does look beautiful, but oh how I hate driving in the winter!

  5. Love fresh snow falls – thanks

  6. The beauty of freshly fallen snow is always lovely to behold. I am glad you arrived home safely (so did we on Saturday when the snow fell quickly). Thank you for sharing your poetic thoughts.

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