Good News or Bad News


I am sure most of us have been asked whether we would rather have the good news first or the bad.  Personally, I would rather have the bad first and get it out of the way.

But what if you were the giver of the news?  Would you rather give the good news first or the bad news first?  I am kind of facing that situation at the moment.

Each year our retired educators association awards a $400 grant to a teacher working for a district within our county.  We have a person who heads the committee collecting the applications and then presenting the winner with a check.  This year that person has had health problems and her husband passed away.  As a result she resigned from the position.

As president of the organization it fell to me to get the information to the district superintendent, collect the applications, take them back to the Board to choose a winner, notify the lucky winner and give my regrets to the one not receiving the grant.  For the longest time I had only one applicant.  This would make things easy.  Then a second one came before the deadline.  Both were presented to the Board and a vote was taken.  I now have the pleasure of informing one teacher that she will receive $400 for her initiative while regretfully letting the other know she did not receive the award.

So, which letter do I write first?  “I am happy to inform you that…” or “I regret to inform you that…”


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12 responses to “Good News or Bad News

  1. Terje

    Do what you usually do, share the bad first and leave the good for last. And then let both go.

  2. You are just such a kind soul – that is why you don’t like delivering the bad news. I’m sure it was shared in the sweetest way.

  3. It sounds like things resolved and you delivered the news. But, you’re right, being the messenger can be tricky!

  4. I am sure you told the bad news in a very kind way. I hope the joy the recipient felt helped ease any pain delivering the bad news might have given you.

  5. It is always difficult to make the kind of hard decisions you talk about. I am glad that you feel confident with your decision.

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