Late Post


I wasn’t going to post today.  That’s not entirely true.  I had great plans.  I knew what my topic was going to be.  I have pictures that I was going to post along with my words.  I even started writing my post in my head before I got out of bed.

What happened?  Well, I went to the store for us this morning.  We needed a few things for breakfast so I thought I would run over before Kathy got up.  That little trip took longer than it should have.  When you live in a small community it is hard to go anywhere without running into someone you know.  Of course you have to have a conversation.

I got home, put things away, and Kathy got up.  We had some breakfast.  Of course I had to feed the cats first or there would be no peace at breakfast.

After we ate it was time to get cleaned up and head out the door.  Kathy had a haircut appointment and I went along because there were things I needed to do – go to the bank…pay my Lowe’s bill…pick up cat food….pick up cat litter.  Of course everything needed to be done at a different place. It wasn’t a one stop.

By the time we finished all of the running around I was hungry.  Of course if I am out I am going to eat.  Off to Palermo’s for a bowl of ham and bean soup and a slice of pizza.  Doesn’t sound like much but it was delicious and filling.

When we got home it was unload the car and put things away.  Of course the cats wanted to be fed again.  This was fine with me because tomorrow is food pantry day.  That means I wanted to make some lemon bars to take over for the workers.  It is weird but I think they would be disappointed if I didn’t bring them along.

Got them made then thought that since I had the mixer out and since we are getting company later this week, and since I had all that I needed I would then make some peanut butter pies.  I did.

I still couldn’t sit down to write because now I had to get on line and get things organized for tomorrow.  We have our DCPASR meeting after food pantry tomorrow morning.  I got the agenda together on Sunday but wouldn’t you know that I got some information from headquarters that needs to be shared with the group.  That means I needed to print off copies so that I have them for tomorrow.

By this time I really didn’t feel like writing a post but I did want to read and comment.  I did.  Now I could cup and pack the lemon bars.  Then I could call it a day and go to bed.

However, I felt funny not posting today so here it is after 10:00.  I wrote something for better or worse.  I got it posted.  Not my best work but I feel good about not missing a Slice of Life post.

Maybe things won’t be so hectic next wek.


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6 responses to “Late Post

  1. ” I felt funny not posting today”
    I’ve had days when life was hectic and I felt the same way. I’m glad you got in under the wire. Here’s hoping the next few days are calmer.

  2. What a rich today with so many sliceable moments! I always feel better if I post. I hope you enjoyed that feeling as well.

  3. Terje

    I can understand the situation. The thoughts and the words don’t seem to wish to cooperate on some days. Awesome that words were willing to tell the story of your day.

  4. I thought about not writing yesterday too. I like to write first thing in the morning, and I had to be out the door by 7. But I also felt funny not writing–and also know that if I skip one week, next thing you know it’s August and I haven’t written since May! I love how you captured the way the writing plan slipped away with all the other stuff going on. Thank goodness there’s kitty food and kitty littler. You’ve got the priorities right!

  5. There’s an empty spot in my brain and heart when I don’t write on Tuesdays – even when time flies and it’s the “oh, rats” end of the day! ❤ Glad you posted AND took care of all the daily tasks as well!

  6. I know how it is. Still, it was enjoyable reading about your day, and all the things that almost kept you from writing.

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