Another Quilt Show


At the end of the March Challenge I alluded to another quilt show that would be held in Lancaster.  Well, it took place and of course we went.  The people who put on this show always do a fantastic job with the quilts they bring in.  They did not disappoint with this show.

Hope you enjoy this first part of the show.

I guess I should start by talking about the elephant in the room.



OK.  Maybe there were two.



However, elephants weren’t the only animals that made it to the show.  This was one of my favorites just because I am a Leo.



Since we are looking at wild cats here is another one.  Of course this one is a bit more domesticated.  After all, what cat doesn’t become a wild predator when it is on the trail of a mouse or a fellow housemate?




To give equal time to man’s best friend how about this cute little guy?



I don’t recall seeing this animal at any of the quilt shows we attended but I am probably wrong about that.



This looks like a good place to stop for today.  Next week we will look at some non animal quilts.


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12 responses to “Another Quilt Show

  1. WOW! Such works of art. Do people display the quilts at home or use them on beds?

  2. Since many of these were wall hanging size I would guess they are used as artwork.

  3. Oh MY they are amazing! I just finished a baby quilt with lot of errors and goofy sewing. They are truly amazing! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Amazing! I don’t even know which of those elephants I prefer.

  5. Wow! These are gorgeous. The elephants and the puppy are my favorite! I love that you are sharing their work with even more that couldn’t or didn’t attend the show!

  6. I am always amazed how quilters are able to do what they do! The elephant quilts are truly amazing! I need to go look at some quilts soon…maybe this summer.

  7. Beautiful quilts! I am always amazed at the creativity and artistry of these quilters. Loved the elephants in particular. Stunning!

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