Brunch…Music…A Test…And Quilts


SOLSC Day 30

We attended out Dauphin County/Lebanon County Retired Teachers Brunch on Wednesday.  Although there were a few glitches everything went well.  I am so glad.

We usually have a guest speaker or entertainer at these gatherings.  The way it works is that Dauphin County takes care of finding a place to hold the event, setting the date, agreeing on the menu and price.  These were all things I handled.

Lebanon County is responsible for getting the speaker/entertainer.  This arrangement works well for me.  I am ashamed to say this but we hold it at the same place every year.  The menu doesn’t change and the price remains the same.  It takes me one phone call to set things up.  This system was in place long before I took over the job of president and both chapters are happy with it.

The woman who got us our entertainer really outdid herself.  We had a lyric soprano.  She has a 4 octave range.   Her name is Jessica Weidman.


Here she is with her sound technician also known as her mother.


During her performance Jessica decided to test us because we were all school employees.  She had a question for each song she sang.  We had to listen to the song to get the answer to the question.  The winner would get this basket containing teas, a cup, honey spoons, treats, and Jessica’s two CDs.


Guess who won.


Afterwards we went to the quilt show as I posted yesterday doing only the vendor mall.  Yesterday we went to the main quilt display and wow!  I will start posting those pictures on Tuesday and continue that thread for several weeks once I figure out how I want to group them.  However, as an enticement here are a couple of quilts we saw.  These are not award winners.

This first one has jewels in its title.  I can see why.


I was wondering if I could take this one home.


As you can see it clearly says it is my garden.


Hope you’ll come back on Tuesday to see some more.


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19 responses to “Brunch…Music…A Test…And Quilts

  1. OMG, the jewel quilt. Simply wow! And you won the quiz!!! What a week! I’m hoping that you find three-somes for your quilt organization so you can use the “slideshow” feature that I just learned from Sally. It’s so fun!

  2. Isn’t it fun to organize an event that takes one phone call? Your performer really knew her audience and it appears you knew the subject matter! LOVE looking at photos of quilts!! Maybe I need to make a trip to the Indiana Amish country to see them in person again…

    • The performer thought she was putting on a show for music teachers only not all types of school retirees so she chose mostly show tunes. I have been attending Broadway shows since I was in elementary school so I felt lucky to know many of the answers.

  3. Love that garden quilt! I will be in Indiana Amish country the last week of June for the Smekens Literacy Retreat with two teacher friends. We’re hoping for some time to tour and hopefully we’ll see some quilts.

  4. jumpofffindwings

    Congratulations on your victory. What a sweet reward for an already fun day. That garden quilt is stunning. That’s the kind of pattern I love! Wonderful post.

  5. Wow – a big win and a quilt named for you! Can’t wait to see more of those quilts. So much talent!

  6. Congratulations on winning the basket! The quilt pictures you share continue to amaze and puzzle me. it does not seem possible to make anything like that out of fabric.

  7. Woohoo basket winner!!! I especially like that garden quilt. hard to believe it wasn’t a winner.

    • Yes, me who never wins won the prize. Now if I could just win a jackpot lottery…but I guess I would have to at least buy a ticket to have a chance at that. 🙂

  8. I was thinking about your quilt show last night! I have on my bed a quilt my grandmother bought at a silent auction about 35 years ago. It is a plain white backing, with a pink flowered fabric on the front. The quilting is all done by hand it is in a fancy pattern that really stands out on the plain fabrics. I don’t keep it put away because it isn’t anything fancy, and I know my grandmother would want it used! But the stitching is coming out in a few places and the binding is wearing through in several spots. I can’t decide if I want to replace it with a fancy quilt! I started one a while back that I should probably finish, but at the same time I’ll feel really grandma’s quilt is unusable at some point.

  9. You’ve had quite a busy week, Bob! Love the quilts!

    • And next week is not looking much better. Getting taxes done on Monday…trip to Washington to see cherry blossoms on Wednesday…Dentist on Thursday…Hershey Theatre to see “On Your Feet” on Saturday.

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