Need To Get My Act Together


SOLSC Day 17

Here it is, Sunday, March 17th, St Paddy’s Day.  Top o’ the mornin’ to all.  The last two weeks have been pretty calm around here.  Now much going on.  This week and next, however, there is something happening almost every day.

Knowing that it is going to be a bit wild these next two weeks you would think I would have had some drafts in reserve to make posting easier.  I don’t.  You would think I might have used some down time to prepare for this coming week.  I didn’t.

Now I find myself here on a Sunday, trying to come up with an interesting topic, knowing I need to comment on several posts, and knowing I need to get ready for a meeting on Wednesday.  I also know that we will be going out for most of the afternoon.

It is time for our monthly DCPASR meeting.  As president I need to organize an agenda for the meeting.  Since I have taken over I have made it my goal to have the agenda done and electronically sent to all Board members by Sunday after. This gives them a chance to review the agenda before the meeting.   I have yet to even create a document.

I know there are things I need to bring up at the meeting.  I have papers to share with everyone.  I need to collect and organize them.  Why did I not do this during the week when the days were open and I had the time!  Oh, I know why.  I am a procrastinator!


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31 responses to “Need To Get My Act Together

  1. I’m a procrastinator too! We always get things done even though it makes us panicky because we wait til the last minute!

  2. I still love having a Sunday without papers to read and grade… Sun is shining here…

  3. Sometimes we just need a break from it all… and when push comes to shove, you’ll get it done!

  4. lgrainger125

    All weekend I’ve been chilling and putting off the inevitable. This afternoon I’ll have to get it all done. It happens. Taking time for self is important too.

  5. Cheers from another procrastinator! One of my friends who works in HR calls it “task initiation energy,” which I love. I am low on task initiation energy! Maybe you’ll be full of writing ideas today and map out some upcoming posts!

  6. Leigh Anne Eck

    Oh, I am right there with you! But I seem to work well under pressure! Cheers to getting everything today!

  7. jumpofffindwings

    One good thing about being one, and claiming it, you can sympathize!

  8. I am guilty of procrastinating sometimes too.

  9. Sounds like you are busier than ever in retirement! Have a wonderful week. I know you will get everything done in due time.

  10. I have no idea one day to the next what I am going to write either. I am usually much better planned that this.

  11. You are not afraid to admit to be a procrastinator because you also know that you are responsible to get everything done. I like the term Elisabeth introduced ““Task initiation energy.”

  12. I can never plan out my writing. I put things in “draft” and when I go back to them I inevitably decide on a new topic anyway. Goo luck with your agenda!

  13. Because I am a procrastinator, I have to have some drafts done or almost done so that I can post in the mornings. Evenings are unpredictable. So, I procrastinate on other things during March 🙂.

  14. I love the new term! You always get what needs to be done ready at the right time and this is all that matters in the end. All the best in your preparations.

    • I know I will be ready and I know I will get it done before the night is over even though I keep putting it off. It is not hard to do so why don’t I just sit down and do it?
      On another note were you the one who asked me about our trip to Africa? I somehow can’t find that request or maybe I am dreaming. Anyway, our nephew married a girl from Zambia so her parents invited us to go on a trip when they went back to visit family. We did Johannesburg,Livingstone, Choma, and Soweto.Her family is from Choma.

  15. You had me smiling. I am a procrastinator as well. I always waited to the last moment to do essay – I felt they were better for having the additional pressure of time.
    have a great week! You’ll do an excellent job I am sure!

  16. Because that life.. and you love life, living every moment. In that way, sometimes it’s hard to pull away from the present moment!

    – The Big Procrastinator

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