Choices, Choices, Choices


SOLSC Day 18

This day only happens once a month. It is the third Monday of the month.  It is the day Kathy goes to quilt guild and I have the house to myself.  What shall I do?

I could go out and do some more yard work or I can stay inside and read.

I could go downstairs and organize my shop, or I can stay upstairs and read.

I could do a load of laundry, or I can sit in my chair and read.

I could run the vacuum, or I can find a comfy spot to read.

I could cook myself a good dinner, or I can sit and read.

I can go our for a meal, or I can stay home and read.

All these choices.  What will I do?




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19 responses to “Choices, Choices, Choices

  1. jumpofffindwings

    I say READ. (I am curious about WHAT you are reading. Do you have any “can’t miss” recommendations?) I am reading some great YA but have not found a book for an adult audience that I love for 2019—yet!

    • I just finished “The Silent Patient” – a psychological novel that I enjoyed. I am also a big fan of the Greg Hurwitz “Orphan X” series.

  2. Reading sounds like a good idea! Especially if you already have a book going.

  3. Only one choice for me – READ! Hope you had a good afternoon (reading!)

  4. I’d be finding that comfy spot to read!! What DID you do?

  5. I bet you could do all those things with Kathy there! How about some karaoke? Or “eat all the cookies”? Or watch a movie she wouldn’t like? Those are things I want to do when I’m alone!

  6. Reading always wins!

  7. This made me laugh so hard! I have a couple of hours at home to myself most Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. I do try to do a little housework and get a workout in but mostly I’m excited about reading!

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