It’s Not About Snow



When I began this challenge on Friday I started with no set list of topics.  I didn’t know where my writing would take me each day. I did know, however, that there was one topic I would not write about – snow.  Since winter began I have written my fill of slices on this topic.  So, this post is not about snow.

Even though we had about about 3 inches of snow and ice on Friday morning, this post is not about snow.

Even though I had to shovel out the cars, this post is not about snow.

Even though I had to clean off the cars, this post is not about snow.

Even though the snow fell off the car onto where I just shoveled so that I had to re-shovel, this post is not about snow.

Even though I got the cars and driveway cleaned and it snowed 3 more inches Friday night into Saturday morning, this post is not about snow.

Even though I went through the same shoveling, car cleaning, and re-shoveling, this post is not about snow.

Even though it snowed 4 more inches Sunday night and I had to go through the whole shoveling routine again, this post is not about snow.

I just simply refuse to write about snow anymore this season.  I have no idea what this post is about, but this post is not about snow.


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26 responses to “It’s Not About Snow

  1. jumpofffindwings

    Another clever post! (This comment is not about any type of weather.)

  2. Oh, how I wish I had thought of this! So very clever!!! 🙂

  3. No, this is not desperation, it is a demonstration of a very clever mind who finds humor even when he is not writing about snow. So sorry you’ve had this winter of endless white from the sky. We have been lucky and there hasn’t been too much in my area.

    • I sometimes wish we would have one debilitating snowfall and be done with it rather than these nuisance snowfalls tow or three times a week.

  4. Diane Anderson

    Thanks for the laugh, and for giving me the gumption to refuse to acknowledge the 3” being predicted for Thursday. It is NOT going to snow again. We are done!

  5. How delightful and funny, love it! We live where it never snows and I think from all I’ve read about this winter in the US, I’d be sick to death of it too! Glad you can acknowledge it’s non-existence!

  6. I cannot even imagine snow in our place so I love to see photos of snow and posts and I really liked your post even though it is not about snow 😊

  7. You got me at, “It’s not about snow” 😉 Great and clever post!

  8. This is a great piece! I love the structure and I’m totally stealing this idea! Not to write about snow, of course.

  9. I’m trying desperately to stay away from “winter” as a topic in general. I feel like all we do is complain about it. But this has been a remarkable winter and has given us lots to write about!

  10. I’m glad I saved your post to read at night! Made me smile and chuckle! Thank you!

  11. Forgot to ask, I think this post would be a great example for my students for April blogging. Would it be okay to share it?

  12. Nice job not writing about snow – a real snow job.

  13. Great way to end the evening – with a lovely post, smiles and chuckles! Thanks!
    Darn that snow – it sure sneaks in when you least expect it!

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