A WelcomingCelebration


There are all kinds of celebrations.  We might celebrate a birthday or an anniversary.  We might celebrate the first day of Spring or the start of summer.  We might celebrate no homework or the last day of school.  On Saturday Kathy and went to a “Welcome to the Family” celebration.

I have mentioned a few times that our nephew married a lovely girl form Zambia.  I admit I do not know a lot about Zambian traditions even after visiting there two years ago.  I am still learning.  This celebration was new new to me and I am so glad we were invited to it.

When a Zambian girl gets married there is a ceremony held to welcome the young man into the family.  There is chanting, dancing, and welcoming speeches.  The point is that the man is not a son-in-law to the girl’s parents but a son and a stand-in for the girl’s father.  For example: if the father cannot attend a meeting the son-in-law can be sent in his place.  All respect that would be shown to the father would be shown to the new son.

If the girl has a sister who gets engaged, her father will consult  with the son in planning the wedding.

Likewise, the girl becomes a daughter not just a daughter-in-law to the boy’s parents.  She can take the place of the boy’s mother at any function and be treated with the same respect as the mother would be.

Well, on Saturday two young men were welcomed into the family.  Besides our nephew Melisa’s (our niece) cousin’s husband was also celebrated.  Here are the two happy couples: Linda and Michelo – Melisa (Mimi) and Leonard.


The event was held at Melisa’s parents house.  People kept arriving and the house was full.  Of course there was someone who explained what was going on.


The two couples sat around the table and a version of the Newlywed Game was played.


It ended in a tie.

After we ate there was part two of the ceremony.  Both the man’s parents and the woman’s parents were presented with a chicken and before you ask, yes, it was cooked.  Here are the different parents receiving their chickens form the girls.  One thing I learned about Zambian culture is that if someone comes to visit you and you don’t offer them a meal of chicken that is looked on as a insult to the guests.  I guess that is why chicken is always a part of every meal we have had at Foster and Gift’s .

Here are just some random shots.  Kathy is talking with Foster (Mimi’s mom) and Rosaly (Linda’s mom).  Sitting next to Foster is Dayna whose daughter is marrying our nephew (Leonard’s brother) in September.


After eating people went outside to get pictures taken with the couples.  First just the couples.


Then with different guests.

This is Melisa’s best friend, Vanessa.  Vanessa went with us on the African trip.  She is one sweet person.  She is the one who organized a dance party for Kathy’s birthday while we were in Africa.


It was also nice to reconnect with someone else who went to Africa with us, Angie.  Angie married Linda’s brother, Harold.


Every time we get together we have a blast.  We are all family.  Everyone is considered an aunt, uncle, brother, or sister.  How wonderful it would be if the world could adopt this way of thinking.  Looking forward to our next get together.  I know there will be lots of food, lots of wine, and lots of fun.





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20 responses to “A WelcomingCelebration

  1. Wow! I am dizzy from trying to figure out who everyone is. I have never been good at these connections…second cousin removed, etc. It all just looks like one big, happy family. Congratulations!

    • I have met some of the people several times and still can’t remember who is who and how the relationship goes. We are all family and that is all that matters.

  2. So cool and interesting. In comparison, we are rather blasé in how we welcome people into the family.

  3. Connecting and getting along and enjoying each other’s company – sometimes doesn’t always happen in families, especially when there are in-laws involved. A lovely tradition and great family to be part of.

  4. Alice Nine

    Such a great celebration. My son’s wife is from Ecuador and I have enjoyed learning and experiencing her culture and watching her experience ours.

    • It is interesting to observe the different cultures. It will also be interesting to see the cultures blend to become something new for my nephew and niece.

  5. What a joyful group to be a part of! I love celebrations from other cultures. If only we all could choose to celebrate together, the world would be a better place.

  6. So interesting! I know I would have a hard time keeping everything straight. I love the colorful outfits, too. So glad you included pictures.

  7. Love how you share about customs and traditions with your words and pictures.

  8. Your photos show such joy. You’re right – if only we could all be connected and revere that connection. Lovely slice!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing. There is so much of togetherness. In my country there are so many different customs and traditions. Earlier people usually married within their community but now it is not so. We keep learning and it is good. Regards.

  10. Great traditions to create strong family ties! Love it!

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