It’s A Wrap


SOLSC Day 31

31 days ago the March Slice of Life Story Challenge began.

31 days ago this today seemed so far away.

31 days ago I began my fifth March challenge.

31 days ago I looked at my calendar for the month and shook my head.

31 days ago I wondered if I could do it.

31 days ago I was worried I wouldn’t have enough ideas to write about to get me through the month.

31 days ago I wondered if I would find the time to write every day of the month.

31 days ago I wondered if I could keep up with the commenting.

31 days ago I wondered if anyone would read my posts and leave me comments.

31 days ago I began reading some bloggers that were new to me.

31 days ago I made some new blogging friends.

31 days ago I got reacquainted with some old blogging friends.

31 days ago I began looking forward to getting on line and reading posts.

31 days ago I wondered if this day would ever come.

31 days ago I wondered if today I would be able to say, “It’s a wrap!”



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23 responses to “It’s A Wrap

  1. It was great to spend this month with you!

  2. Your post shows how we all go from uncertainty to accomplishment. Every year brings a new experience in some way. Looking forward to keeping up with you on Tuesdays.

  3. I love the format here and repeating beginning lines. You capture all the concerns and worries I had at the beginning of the month as well as the way the challenge changes to something I look forward to and grow from. I am most grateful for all the new and new-to-me bloggers I discovered this month. I love finding new people to learn from! I am very glad to have discovered your blog this month and to have become a regular reader and very, very appreciative of the comments you’ve left for me on my blog.

    • I think this whole challenge is about growing. I am glad I found your posts as well. Thank you for all of your comments. They are very much appreciated.

  4. Isn;t it amazing how long 31 days seemed on the other side. From this side, it seems to have passed quickly. See you Tuesday.

  5. 31 days ago, we all had the same trepidations, but look how far we’ve come and yes, we can all say “It’s a wrap” (at least until next Tuesday). I’ve enjoying reading your slices and thanks for all your comments on my slices. See you next Tuesday.

    • We have definitely all come far during this month. I look forward to reading your posts on Tuesdays and appreciate all of the comments you left for me.

  6. Glad you were here! See you on Tuesdays!

  7. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts again this year, Bob! 31 days does seem like a long time, but it’s 31 days well spent!

  8. Indeed, 31 days ago so much wondering! We reached the finish line in good shape. Glad to call you a blogging friend. Hope to meet up on Tuesdays.

  9. Right with you Bob… It’s a wrap and great one. Glad we shared it

  10. Love this summary… so true. I’ve enjoyed your blog and hope to see you on Tuesdays. 🙂 ~JudyK

  11. You summed the challenge up exactly! Loved visiting your blog and reading your slices.

  12. You’ve wrapped it up nicely! I, too, wondered about all the same things…and here we are…another year under our belts. Nice post. 🙂

  13. I have always posted in the Tuesday slice of life. Next year maybe I will try the March slice of life 🙂

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