Today It Is About Flowers and Stars


SOLSC Day 28

At almost all of the quilt shows we go to I have noticed that many quilters like to look to the earth an sky for inspiration.  Because of this I thought I would use today’s post to highlight quilts that have flowers or stars as their theme.  Let’s do flowers first.

Baskets of flowers are popular especially if a quilter is doing a Baltimore Album quilt.





The last picture kinds of leads nicely into the next quilt.  Roses are also popular with quilters.



I don’t know who Sallie Ann is, but this sure is a nice tribute.



The work quilters put into their tops.




Sometimes the flowers are stylized.





More realistic flowers.



Now let’s turn our eyes to the sky and look at some stars.



One that is mostly blue.



The stars might be ancient but the quilt sure isn’t.



Tomorrow we will look at quilts that don’t really fit into any category and on Friday we will conclude with a special exhibit.

(Yes, I admit I am dragging this out to the end of the month so I don’t have to strain my brain trying to come up with topics this late in the Challenge.)



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22 responses to “Today It Is About Flowers and Stars

  1. As usual, these are beautiful. The earth and sky offer inspiration to many artists, writers included. Do you photograph every one?

  2. Love the Threads of Friendship. Some others appeal to me because of the quilting . . .Or maybe it is remembering when I crawled around at the quilting and got my hair sewed in. Ouch!

  3. I can’t help but marvel at the tiny pieces of fabric that have to be cut and sen together. These quilters have vision and great organizational skills.

  4. Just wow! I can’t imagine the time that went into each one. Wow!

  5. Terje

    I can’t imagine how it is possible to choose a favourite or a winner from the variety of quilts presented. Each one has the wow-factor.

  6. These quilts are totally amazing – I can’t imagine the hours spent in creating, cutting and piecing them. Beautiful!

  7. The quilts are so amazing, I don’t know how judges pick. But looking at them today, I thought someone could decorate a beautiful, restful bedroom around the Turquouse Stars quilt.

  8. Don’t mind at all that you’re “dragging it out.” We all love your annual quilt show and your efforts to organize them into themes for us. Each one is a gem and worthy of our time. Thanks for doing the work!

  9. I think my favorite here is the Turquoise Stars, though I also really love the up close view of the stitching patterns I can see in some of the photos. Just incredible work!

  10. I’m always amazed at the creativity of quilters and the beautiful quilts they produce. Loved your slice and hots today!

  11. My favorite is #212, Love Affair. So happy to see these quilts today. A rest from reading so many words.

    • Maybe it is a bit of cheating on my part to use more pictures and less words on a writing site. Oh well. Sometimes words are not necessary when looking at some pictures.

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