Couldn’t Think of a Category for These


SOLSC Day 29

The quilt pictures I posted over the last few days could easily fit into a category: flowers, stars, animals, etc.  However, there were some quilts there that couldn’t be pigeonholed so easily.  Those are the ones I will share in this post.

Maybe by a stretch of the imagination these could be classified as wild colors or impressionistic.  I will let you decide.








All I could think about with this one was, “All those hexagons!”



This I would just say was different although a pictorial might also fit it.



If you like stained glass here is one for you.



Many people like Hawaiian designs.  Here is a take on that kind of quilt.



This one I thought was interesting.  If you look at it closely you will see that each block in the quilt has a different quilt pattern plus something relating to that pattern.  For example: last row, first block. The pattern is called Delectable mountains and there is an image of mountains below it.  The one next to it is the log cabin and there is a cabin, OK an outhouse, with it.  Then we have the bear paw with a bear.  I thought the pairing was neat.



This one I liked but don’t know where it would fit category wise.



I don’t know how I missed getting the name of this one.  Guess I had a senior moment.  Of course, I did think the person who made this must have forgotten to take her meds.  This just boggles my mind.


Speaking of mind boggling, this quilt was not part of the show but was displayed at the AQS booth.  You could actually but the pattern for it.  I could so easily get lost.


Well, luckily we have only one more day of posting to complete this challenge (I am not counting Saturday because that will just be a wrap up post) and I have one last post about the quilt show.  Until tomorrow – Happy Slicing.



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28 responses to “Couldn’t Think of a Category for These

  1. Thanks for taking me with you to the quilt show!

  2. These are even more spectacular than the others. I am speechless.

  3. I love Wonderland. And Between Heaven and Earth reminds me of all the church windows in Rome. But the one without the title . . . Yowza! What an imagination to design that!
    Thanks for the quilt trip. So many choices!

  4. Elizabeth Pruett

    These are gorgeous! True works of art!!!

  5. This is the Major League of quilters. Every one of them deserves a prize. I once thought about quilting…long ago. But somehow I knew I wasn’t obsessive enough to do such exacting work. Are there male quilters? And if not, I wonder why….

  6. Wonderland is my favorite! Such magnificent skill for all the quilts. Thank you for sharing these!

  7. Some of the titles are as intriguing as the quilts. Thanks, Bob!

  8. North by Northwest was nostalgic for me, so many reminders of the Pacific Northwest where I lived for ten years.

  9. Terje

    The last two are mind boggling designs indeed. Not from this world.

  10. Masterpieces! Such talent and patience – probably good eyesight too. Thanks for taking us along.

  11. These are my favorite yet! I can’t stop looking at those last two.

  12. Wow – again! Some of these are so intricate. Gorgeous all of them.

  13. Wow, so beautiful and so creative! The one where you didn’t have the title…. I agree with you, it is mind-boggling. Amazing works of art. 🙂 ~JudyK

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