Visiting the Home Builder’s Show



I have written before about our plan to remodel our kitchen.  We have met with a designer from Home Depot to go over some preliminary ideas.

Over the weekend there was a Home Builder’s Show being held at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg.  Kathy and I decided to go for a ride and check it out.  My feeling is that the more people we talk to and the more we see the better informed our choices will be.

Sunday was the last day of the show and we were kind of late in leaving.  The show closed at 6:00 and we were just leaving at 2:30.  That would still give us two and a half hours to look around.  I was only interested in kitchen remodeling and nothing else.

One of the first surprises I got at the show was that instead of the $10.00 admission for each of us I only had to pay $5.00 a person.  It pays to be a senior citizen and arrive late.

Because it was the last day and we got there late afternoon, the place was not crowded at all.  We didn’t have to jostle crows to get to see displays or talk to vendors.  It was slow and relaxing.

We did get a chance to talk to several people and even signed up to have some come to our house to check out what we have and give free estimates.  As I said, the more information we have the better informed our decisions will be.

One thing kind of made me scratch my head happened at a display for flooring.  We were the only ones at the display at that time. There was a salesman there as well.  He was sitting looking at his pone.  We began looking at what he had.  There were some nice things that would work for us depending on what color scheme we pick.  Well, the salesman never looked up from his phone.  He never acknowledged that we were there.  How can you expect to make a sale if you don’t talk to a perspective costumer?  I know for a fact I will not be getting flooring from this company.

We have people signed up to come to our house this week.  With the nor’easter we may have to reschedule. I will keep you informed on how this process goes and what kind of choices we make.


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23 responses to “Visiting the Home Builder’s Show

  1. I enjoyed reading about your plan for remodeling since I just finished my main bathroom and updated my first floor bathroom and now onto the living area basement. I labored through each step, agonized over colors, and took a long time to find the right contractors to deliver my vision. I wish you well as you go forward. Being happy with the end result is the important part. Best of luck.

  2. A great place to get ideas and at a discounted price! I can see each visit becoming a future slice. How clever of you to arrange this! 😉
    What a terrible sales person for the flooring. Guess he was just biding his time until he could leave.

  3. Good luck! Remodeling is such a process, but it’s great to get ideas from others. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of stories and slices to come!

  4. I cannot believe that a sales person didn’t even ask you if you had any questions! I would be furious if I owned that company and was paying that person to represent me. Can’t wait to hear about your decisions. We’ve remodeled the kitchen and upstairs bathrooms. Thinking of putting on a sunroom a year from now and will consult with an architect first.I think it is going to cost me!

    • I am hoping this guy was a representative and not the owner because if it was the owner I can see his business being in serious trouble. I don’t even want to think about what this is going to cost me. We had our basement gutted and redone a few years ago and it cost almost as much as what I paid for the house.

  5. I wish you lots of luck! Remodeling is an ordeal to be sure, but usually well worth it. I love the way you always manage to tell us about the deals you get! I think I’ve said it before – you are a savvy shopper.

  6. Sometimes, I don;t want to talk to a sales person, but, as the client, I think that should be my choice. It seems really weird that the salesperson you described didn’t even say “Let me know if you have questions”.

  7. Some day I hope to remodel my very old kitchen with its homemade cabinets and drawers and its indoor-outdoor carpet floor that’s held down on one side with patterned duct tape! Someday, someday…..In the meantime, I can dream. I look forward to learning more about what you choose to do with your kitchen.

    • The cracked flooring being hidden by metal strips is what started this whole process. Not sure how it will end, but I’m sure to get some posts out of the whole process.

  8. Alice Nine

    I am not looking forward to the remodeling that I’m sure we will need to do in our kitchen … I will follow your accounts with interest.

  9. Judy C.

    The Home Shows are a great place to check out the latest and greatest. Hopefully you got some good ideas and the vendors that will be coming to your house will be helpful. I guess the flooring guy decided he’d had enough for one weekend and was just biding his time. Too bad for him.

  10. Sounds like the perfect time to get some info and some good deals. All the best with your remodeling.

  11. Remodeling anything is a process. And you’re right, the more you research, the more you know, the better the decisions you can and will make. Like as not giving your time to the idiot who couldn’t look up from his phone to give even a curiosity look up to you.

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