Laundry Day


It never fails.  No matter what I do it still comes around at least once a week, sometimes more.  Laundry Day.  Well, if I want clean clothes I guess the laundry must be done.

Let’s start by taking a look at the basket to see how full it is.


Yep, I guess it is time to wash some clothes.  First thing I need to do is separate the clothes by colors.


Hmm..,looks like there are more darks than lights so I guess darks it is.


The clothes are arranged in the washer.  I like to distribute them around the agitator so that they don’t clump.


Next it is time to add the detergent and softener.  After all, the clothes won’t become clean and smell nice if I don’t add them.


OK, looks like everything is set and ready to go.


Now it is just wait until the clothes are clean and dry.

Ahhh, there is nothing like the feel and smell of clean soft clothes.


I guess I’d better get them folded so that I can put them away.


I need to make some room in the drawer.  If I push things closer together there is plenty of room.


Yes, I knew everything would fit.


Maybe I should just tamp them down so the drawer closes more easily.


The laundry basket is now empty.  I should be good for a few days.


After all of that hard work it is time for a rest.  Hey, don’t judge.  You rest where you like and I’ll rest where I like.


OK, maybe this is more comfortable.  Until next time…



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21 responses to “Laundry Day

  1. What a great laundry helper! I think making sure the clean clothes all fit in the drawer is my favorite part! ❤

  2. What a helpful laundry helper! Many hands make light work, right? 🙂

  3. That was so funny! You have the best laundry helper.

  4. I may print your story out and share with my Kinder friends!
    My favorite is the cat in the drawer after the clean clothes are placed back in the drawer! Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a fun photo essay. I think this friend would help make a great children’s book!

  6. I so enjoyed this photo essay Love your helper> My husband does my laundry (except my LuLaroe)

  7. Your laundry compansion is precious!

  8. I actually thought by the end that your “helper” may have wanted to clear out the dirty laundry to sleep in the empty basket! It is such a vicious cycle, isn’t it? That first item to get tossed into the empty basket seems possessed sometimes! Loved the progression of photos! Thanks for the slice!

  9. Terje

    This is the funniest laundry day photo essay ever. I can’t even choose which pic I like the best.

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