Searching For A Topic


I am sitting here trying to decide what my topic for today’s post should be.  I would like to say that there are dozens of possibilities running through my head, but that would be a lie.  In truth there is nothing in my head…don’t say it, I know this is often the case.

I guess I could write about one of the cats, but I did that last week.  Besides, they haven’t done anything really interesting this week.  Of course there was that one day…maybe I’ll save that for another post.

I could write about the warm shift in temperatures we are having and how I don’t dream of a white Christmas since we do some traveling on that day, but talking about the weather is kind of a boring fall back topic.

I could write about the theatre tickets I for for our annual August New York trip, but maybe I’ll wait until closer to the time of the trip.  After all, I didn’t make any dinner reservations yet.  Anyone have a good suggestion for a good restaurant in NYC’s theater district?

Yes, these are things I could write about but really don’t want to.  Maybe I’ll just skip this week and see if something comes to me for next Tuesday.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


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22 responses to “Searching For A Topic

  1. Great post about how we all feel sometimes. Marry Christmas!

  2. Holiday weariness…we all know what that feels like. I went for something really simple this week (my iphone v. android post which you so nicely responded to) and was grateful for the responses. So today is your “gift” to yourself…a post about what you might have written about, if only….

  3. Terje

    The “I could write” posts makes a good list of writing ideas for the future. As you saw today, my mind was here and there and nowhere. I am glad you showed up and didn’t skip.

  4. Sometimes, writing about nothing is the best writing. It makes us reflect about people, things, and what we could be doing.

    Thank you for this slice. We’ve all been there, that’s for certain! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the inspiration. Feeling the same, but posted my lame entry anyway! “Writers have to write.”

  6. I would enjoy reading about any of those things you mentioned! Your post is a great example of how just writing our thoughts often leads to ideas. Have a very merry Christmas!

  7. It happens to all of us 😊
    Happy Christmas and have a wonderful time 😊.

  8. It’s amazing that writing about no ideas is truly an idea. Hopefully your holiday happenings will be filled with stories you must tell for several weeks to come. Merry Christmas to you and Kathy!

  9. I kind of felt that way this morning, too. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018!

  10. These kind of posts always turn out to be interesting.
    Merry Christmas!

  11. I enjoyed your ruminations! Have a wonderful Christmas!

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