I Shouldn’t Have


SOLSC – Day 28

I went to the mailbox to pick up our mail before we left for the show.  I shouldn’t have.

I looked through the mail and separated mine form Kathy’s.  I shouldn’t have.

I noticed an official document so I picked it out of the stack.  I shouldn’t have.

Stamped across the top were the words Summons for Jury Duty.  I opened it.  I shouldn’t have.

I read it,  I shouldn’t have.

I am to report for jury duty on May 5th.  Why am I upset by this news?  Well, May 5 I am supposed to be in Australia. There are many things I can do, but being in two places at the same time is not one of them.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I know it is a privilege and a duty.  It is not the first time I have been called so it is not like I don’t know what goes on.  What I am upset about is that out trip is less than a month away.  All preparations have been made.  All money has been paid. Yes, I took out travel insurance, but we really want to go on this trip.

I need to see if something can be done.  Luckily this is a county summons not a federal one so maybe I can get some help with this.  Yesterday Kathy an I went to the courthouse to talk with someone to see if there was some way we could resolve this.  I took all of my paperwork showing the trip was paid for as well as our flights plans and itinerary.

Update:  After speaking with someone in Court Administration I filled out some paperwork stating it would be a hardship for me to serve because of being out of the country.  Hopefully I will get a postcard telling me I received a postponement.  I am relieved.


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25 responses to “I Shouldn’t Have

  1. Love the format – “I shouldn’t have.” Things look promising for your postponement! My dad received a summons for jury duty at the time of my sister’s college graduation. I should write a post about his experience.

  2. Oh, I know that sinking feeling when you see an “official letter”. I am lad you were able to rearrange your jury duty. This was the perfect format for this post.

  3. tbreitweiser

    I hope you get the postcard soon!

  4. lindabaie

    Oh no! And yes, you shouldn’t have even gotten the mail until later! I took a chance one year, a few days before a class trip and showed up, betting that I would be excused, and I was! Crossing fingers and toes for that postcard to arrive fast!

  5. As I read I just had a feeling it was jury duty. I’m glad you acted on it quickly. Hopefully they will respond to you as quickly.

  6. Judy C.

    Hopefully you didn’t fret too much about it and were able to enjoy your Saturday outing. Usually (at least here in Arkansas), they are pretty forgiving about releasing you. You have a pretty solid reason for not being there.

  7. It shouldn’t be a problem rescheduling. I can imagine how your heart sank when you saw the date. I know it will all work out and you will have an incredible trip.

  8. Erika Haak

    I have not gone to jury duty 2-3 different times and although I would be willing to go do it now, I was not able to when the children were babies without child care for them. It was cake, they always gave me permission to skip it, stating it was a hardship. I am sure yours will be just fine!

  9. I just received a summons on Saturday for a date this summer when we are hiking in England! Mypostcard said I was allowed to postpone once, so I went online and chose another date. Easy Peasy! Was this not an option for you? FIngers crossed!

  10. Sending Positive Thoughts your way for a QUICK response! So glad that you were able to get to the courthouse and file the necessary forms so quickly! And you are right,

    You shouldn’t have! Glad that you were still able to enjoy the show despite the unwelcome mail!

  11. Fingers crossed that you will get good news. Plans made are plans made, though, and there will be another time.

  12. I hope that it all works out so you and Kathy can go to the land down under. I think the extra steps you took yesterday will help you get there. I enjoyed the build up to the letter with your repetition.

  13. Hopefully the county will get it sorted out. They always send out a lot more summons than are needed.

  14. I know that here in Chicago you can almost automatically get a postponement. I once got a summons for the week I had to take final exams! My husband’s cousin the lawyer advised me what to write and I was able to postpone it a few months. Enjoy your trip to Australia! How exciting!

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