It’s Not Easy Being Royal


SOLSC –  Day 29

Many people think being a royal is easy and there is no work to it.  Wrong.  Although royalty has its privileges, it does make for exhausting days.  Let me just share one day with you so that you get the picture.

First of all, when you rule it is important that you get enough rest.  To make difficult decisions you need to be sharp and that only happens if you get a good night’s sleep.

sleep 1

Of course a ruler needs to look good so grooming is an important part of my morning ritual.

Once I am presentable it is time for breakfast.  After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  The nice thing about being royalty is that I don’t need to fix my own meals.  That’s why I have a chef.  Of course, my chef is lazy and likes to sleep late.  I can’t have this since I have so much to do.  I need to wake him up.

Ah, the table is set and I am ready to eat.  Wait!  What do you mean this food is not for me?

This is my food?  How do I get at it?  I demand service.

Finally it is served and I can eat.

Now I have to plan my day. That takes some serious thinking.

Now that I am well rested the first thing on my list is to go up to my tower and survey my kingdom.  I need to make sure all’s right in my world. What is this!  How dare someone else be in my spot.  I will not tolerate this kind of behavior.

Now that is much better.  Things are looking good from up here.


However, things can change quickly so that is why I post a sentry.  It is her job, yes, I do have women in my service, to tell me if anything is amiss.


I think I’ll take a stroll around my kingdom.  As I walk around my domain I often run into one of my subjects.  It is only fitting that he bows before me; I am the ruler after all and no one’s head should be higher than mine.


Even though there is lots to do on any given day it is important to take some time out of the day for fun.  We all know that all work and no play…

In order to know what is going on in the world reading the newspaper is a must.


One thing we royals are noted for is the lavish dinner parties we give.  We are having one tonight.  Looks like cook has made some dessert.  I’d best sample it to make sure it is fit for them.

sleep 9

Since we are having company I must look my best.  The laundress brought clean clothes to my chambers.  What?  You expect me to fold and put these things away.  I don’t think so.

I’ll wear this one.  Leave it out.  The others can be folded and placed in the wardrobe.

All this has worn me out.  I think I’ll take a cat nap before my next bit of business.


That was refreshing.  Now it is time to grant an audience to my subjects.


Looking at the time I see that I must get ready for my guests.  Dinner was a success.  I have no pictures; some dignitaries just can’t hold their catnip.  I don’t think they would like to see their pictures displayed.  The Siamese Ambassador…oh my.  That’s a whole different story.

As you can see, it’s not easy being royal.  I am totally wiped out so I am sure you understand that it is now time for a well deserved good night’s sleep.  I am glad I was able to share my day with you and I hope you have a better understanding of what it is like to be Royal.  We are just like you…well, maybe not.



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42 responses to “It’s Not Easy Being Royal

  1. Must have been the Court Jester who helped with the writing. Thoroughly amusing!

  2. Such a clever piece of writing!

  3. Judy C.

    Love it. Your Royalty knows how to enjoy each day!

  4. I’m not a cat person at all but I chuckled at these pictures! Love how much fun you had with it. 🙂

  5. Lisa C

    I love this! Cats do indeed have a different point of view on the world. Some days we say good bye to our cat and find her in the same spot when we come home. I used to think this was a coincidence! However, I was home one day last week and discovered it is not a coincidence at all! She really does lay down on the couch when we leave, and stay there the whole day!

  6. Princess Lucy concurs. Her demesne is somewhat different, preferring to rule the sofa, my bed and all the toys.She also insists I act as poison taster to all cheese tidbits she gets. This was brilliantly funny!

  7. I’m dittoing Diane above with the Court Jester remark. It was my exact thought. You serve well, hoomaan.

  8. strasskt

    Oh this is hilarious! I had no idea what I was about to read until the second part. I shared with some coworkers who love cats.

  9. Enjoyed reading your post! Such a creative writing piece!

  10. I enjoyed this and shared it with our royalty, who insisted he wasn’t interested. Where’s my snack? was his comment.

  11. A day for a royal is long and tedious, but (sigh) someone has to fill the role as leader of the cat-dom. You are quite clever and great at finding topics right under your nose.

  12. lindabaie

    You’ve made me miss having royalty in my house! Somehow, they’ve all gone on to become even higher beings. . . Seriously, this is wonderful, worthy of publishing somewhere! Cat lovers would recognize the blue bloods in this story, long time family! The funniest to me: “some dignitaries just can’t hold their catnip”. Watch out!

  13. Your fur family is adorable. They certainly own you, don’t they? My favorite is the breakfast picture at the table. I love reading about family pets. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I just knew that was going to be about your cat from your title! Isn’t it funny how we get to know one another well enough after just a few weeks of slicing together? She’s got you wrapped around a paw, doesn’t she?

    • Yes, we do get to know each other quite well during this month. I think that is one of the joys of this challenge. And yes, all three of our “beasties” know how to get us to do their bidding.

  15. That is one lucky bunch of cats – they live royally!

  16. Love this! This would be a great assignment for my students…writing from the point of view of someone else (even animals!) Thanks for this great slice and great idea!

  17. What a clever post! Your cats are adorable and I think you captured the voice perfectly.

  18. This is just what I needed after I thought I had a long day! I had no idea the work that is involved in being a royal feline. I have a new appreciation 🙂

  19. This piece cracked me up! Your royalty remind me very much of my two cats, both of whom believe that she rules the house. If I have the nerve to sleep in past their feeding time (or what they believe is their feeding time!) one will lick my nose until I wake up, and the other, more direct, cat, will fling a glass of water off my nightstand onto my head with her paw. That gets me out of bed quickly!

  20. Yes, when they want something they want it immediately if not sooner.

  21. Your post and pictures are a great way to end the day! You really seem to enjoy/love your cats!

  22. This was an amazing post! I am so not a cat lover because of all their royal tendencies and they were only outside pets when I was growing up (translation – wild barn cats!) How many cats do you have?

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