Really Reaching Here


7:45 and I still haven’t posted anything yet.  I had a thought last night, but that didn’t pan out.  Not enough to say to make it a worthwhile or interesting post.

But, because it is late and I don’t have any other ideas I will bore you with two things that happened and needed to be taken care of.

First incident has to do with my car, my new car, my car that isn’t even one month old yet. The car on which I have just made the first payment.

First of all I will say that I love my new vehicle.  I am still learning all of the bells and whistles it has and probably will never learn all of its features.  I enjoy driving it so I am always ready to go somewhere, even if the weather isn’t the best.

In this part of PA we haven’t really had bad winter weather…yet.  We have had some flurries and freezing rain.  Anyway, Kathy and I were out one day just going to blow the cobwebs.  We were traveling I 81 which had been salted and cindered.

I was doing the speed limit, maybe a tad faster, but apparently I wasn’t going fast enough for the tractor trailer behind me.  He decided to pass.  Not a problem.  As he passed and then proceeded to get back in front of me he sent a piece of cinder flying back.  I heard it hit my windshield.

Yes, I now have a ding in my windshield.  I have been driving for many years and this has never happened to me.  I called my insurance company and I have an appointment to get it fixed tomorrow.  If it can be repaired the cost is covered.  If the windshield needs to be replaced I have  $100 deductible.  I think it an be repaired because there is just a hoe and no spider webbing.

Anyway, I am off tomorrow to get it fixed.  I could have had the company come to the house to take care of it but I opted to go the them instead.  Oh well, I guess I will just have to have dinner out since my appointment is for 3:00 and the job takes 45 minutes.

As for the second thing that happened, I think I will let that go til another post.


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13 responses to “Really Reaching Here

  1. So frustrating! Glad you are able to have it fixed quickly.

  2. Look at you a situation that didn’t seem worthy has turned into quite a slice. 🙂 What a pain!

  3. Haha! Can’t wait to read about “that second thing!” Good luck with your windshield. I’m sure it will be an easy repair. 🙃

  4. Oh, my! That’s terrible, a repair on your new car. And you leave us laughing. Great slice!

  5. Glad to hear that you two are okay. Trucks seem to be getting more aggressive. We have almost no snow and the weather has been above zero for over a week. Crazy weather.

  6. lindabaie

    Save those words you ‘almost’ shared till March! Sorry about the windshield & hope it will be a simple fix. Guess the higher powers wanted you to now have a ‘used’ car! My distributor went out last week & luckily I was on a side street, had a tow & the driver even took me home! Despite the cost, I’m lucky it wasn’t the highway.

  7. My sister had a similar experience. A few months after buying a brand new car, a crack began developing in her windshield. She called to ask about warranty (none) and cost of replacement and it was around $1000. The crack wasn’t too bad yet so she decided to wait. Well, she hit a deer a few months later and, though the car was “totaled” by the insurance company, she was unhurt. She got a new car though, with an untracked windshield.

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