For most of the last two weeks our newspaper, as well as the inbox in my gmail account, has been loaded with sale flyers.  Bargains galore at Boscov’s and Bon-Ton.  Fantastic savings at WalMart and Target.  Simply must-haves at Kohl’s and Sears.  The great thing was that many of the stores would open around 5:00 Thanksgiving afternoon.  I could pig out all afternoon and then walk it off in the stores in the evening.

Since we ha dinner at my brother’s in Reading on Thanksgiving I would be passing most of these stores on the way home.  It would be easy enough to turn into one of the parking lots and hit the stores.  I didn’t. instead we relaxed with a cup of tea when we got home.

Then there were all of the adds for the Black Friday Sales.  Doors opening super early.  Lines of people waiting outside for the doors to open, shopping list in hand.  Unbelievable bargains.  How could I not be there when the doors opened?  I wasn’t.  I chose sleep instead.

Of course we can’t forget about all of the cyber Monday sales.  With all of the notices in my inbox I couldn’t forget about them even if I wanted to.  I had to turn on my computer and hit every site so that I wouldn’t miss out on something I truly needed.  I didn’t.  Instead I went for my allergy shots and then Kathy and I went out for dinned.

I guess I just didn’t do my part to keep the economy flowing this weekend.  Hopefully someone out there took up my slack.


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14 responses to “Bargains

  1. By the end of the first paragraph, I had a definite idea of “where” you were going. I did not physically enter any stores this weekend. I did pick up some Cyber Monday bargains from one source where I had been watching the prices. Economically – saving, not spending, is my current plan! LOL

  2. Like you, I let the economy down. On the way home from Thanksgiving dinner I drove past many empty parking lots. The I drove past the Target. Its parking lot was packed. I think people more than made up for what we didn’t contribute.

  3. lindabaie

    I loved ignoring it all, but did visit my favorite bookstore, Tattered Cover, yesterday for “cider Monday”. Aren’t they clever?! I’m glad you had your tea and shots and dinner!

  4. I’m afraid I, too, did not do my part in participating in any sales during the Thanksgiving weekend. For the most part, we all have more than we need and are looking for ways to “shed” some of our stuff. But mostly, I chose to visit with relatives (in Atlanta) where we took a beautiful walk through a Japanese garden (Gibbs Gardens in Ball Ground, Georgia); attend two conferences in Atlanta (NWP and NCTE) to keep myself current on educational issues; and spend Thanksgiving and the day after with family and friends. My idea of the perfect Thanksgiving!

  5. Judy C.

    I’m afraid that I too let the economy down. Somehow going shopping on a special Holiday and the day afterwards are not in my vocabulary. I don’t like to be among crowds of people when shopping. My idea is to spend quality time with those I love.

  6. Terje

    Tea and sleep over unnecessary shopping. Smart choice.

  7. If getting a new tire and alignment because we blew a tire on Thaksgiving Day on the way to Harrisburg counts, then I guess I did. That’s as far as it goes though.

  8. Good for you. You kept yourself busy with the things that mattered – much better for your sanity, anyway!

  9. Shopping is no longer a sport I engage in on Black Friday. It sounds like you had a perfectly wonderful holiday.

  10. Ha! I guess I also was derelict in my economy support duties. The last time I was in a store was the Saturday before Thanksgiving when I bought a clock for my bathroom. And you know what? I am feeling just fine about it thank you very much.

  11. I get a free pass in this season. No pressure to shop so most of time I find myself shopping for myself and selecting key places to donate at the end of the year. Same this year even with Chanukah arriving on Christmas eve. It’s just for the kids….

  12. I didn’t participate in any of the Thanksgiving shopping hoopla either. I usually purchase something on one of the days, but not the case this year. Oh well! I don’t need anymore stuff anyway even if it is a “good” price.

  13. Sonja Schulz

    I chose sleep instead, as well!

  14. We refrained from all shopping, except shopping for a new car! So maybe I made up for all the folks who didn’t engage. I’m less apt to engage in shopping the older I get because I spend so much of my time trying to get rid of things. I love the things you chose instead – sleep, a cup of tea, dinner out.

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