After the year I have had I just feel that at this time of year it would be wrong of me to not sit back and count my blessings and all that I am thankful for.  Here is my list.

I am thankful for:

  1.  God’s presence in my life.  He continually showers me with blessings.
  2. Kathy.  She is always there for me encouraging me when i think I can’t go on.
  3. Family.  I know we can’t pick our family, but I do know that I wouldn’t pick anyone different.
  4. Friends.  The accept me as I am…no questions asked.
  5. My doctors.  Dr. Hafiz for finding I had a problem and Dr. Gluhovsky for fixing it.  I wouldn’t be here without them.
  6. Molly, Ned, and Dustin.  There is nothing more relaxing than a purring cat in your lap.
  7. The desire to learn.  I can’t imagine going through life not wanting to learn new things.
  8. Out of the blue experiences.  I have to put out trip to Africa and meeting a Broadway star on a list of things I never imagined happening to me.
  9. Quiet times.  Sometimes I just need time to recharge my batteries.
  10. You.  Each week you take the time to read what I write and comment on what I have to say.  I appreciate the time you take to do this.

The list can go on and on but I will stop here.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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  1. Oh, my! What a great list of “Thankfuls”! You are an inspiration! 🙂

  2. I love your list. I am hoping to find some quiet time oever this long weekend once I enjoy my time iwth family and firends. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Although my details are different, my list is rather similar to yours. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. Great list, especially those purring cats! And the desire to learn, such a blessing. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I noticed that you didn’t mention any technology on your list….haha!
    Seriously, I think your list is wonderful and mine would probably not be too much different. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  6. Great list! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Terje

    Lovely list. List doesn’t have to be long to be meaningful. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. When I think of all that happens in the short span of one year, it takes my breath away. You’ve certainly had a breathtaking year! What a great list!

  9. Now that’s a list to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving, Bob!

  10. Alice Nine

    A great list… in everything give thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  11. What a delightful list! Indeed you have much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving, Bob!

  12. What a delightful list! Indeed much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving, Bob!

  13. Judy C.

    A great list of things to be thankful for – family, health, friends and so much more that we take for granted. I, too, am thankful for this community of writers that share and comment. And, I thank you for consistently reading and commenting on my slices. Happy Thanksgiving to you & Kathy!

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